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Glossary - Philips DVP1120 User Manual

Dvd video player.
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Analog audio: Sound that has not been
turned into numbers. Analog sound is
available if you use the AUDIO LEFT/RIGHT
sockets. These red and white sockets send
audio through two channels, the left and
Aspect ratio: Aspect ratio refers to the
length to height ratio of TV. The ratio of a
standard TV is 4:3, while the ratio of a high-
defi nition or wide TV is 16:9. The letter box
allows you to enjoy a picture with a wider
perspective on a standard 4:3 screen.
Bit Rate: The amount of data used to hold
a given length of music; measured in kilobits
per second, or kbps. Or, the speed at which
you record. Generally, the higher the bit
rate, or the higher the recording speed, the
better the sound quality. However, higher bit
rates use more space on a disc.
Chapter: Sections of a picture or a music
piece on a DVD that are smaller than titles.
A title is composed of several chapters. Each
chapter is assigned a chapter number
enabling you to locate the chapter you want.
CVBS: Composite video (or Composite
Video Blanking and Sync). A single video
signal commonly used in most consumer
video products.
DVD menu: A screen display prepared for
allowing a selection of images, sounds,
subtitles, multi-angles, etc., recorded on a
Dolby Digital: A surround sound system
developed by Dolby Laboratories containing
up to six channels of digital audio (front left
and right, surround left and right, centre and
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1_dvp1120-2008_93_eng1_final813.40 40
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JPEG: A very common digital still picture
format. A still-picture data compression
system proposed by the Joint Photographic
Expert Group, which features small decrease
in image quality in spite of its high
compression ratio. Files are recognized by
their fi le extension 'JPG or JPEG'.
MP3: A fi le format with a sound data
compression system. 'MP3' is the
abbreviation of Motion Picture Experts
Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio Layer3. By
using the MP3 format, one CD-R or CD-RW
can contain about 10 times more data than a
regular CD.
Parental Control: A function of the DVD
to limit playback of the disc by the age of the
users according to the limitation level in each
country. The limitation varies from disc to
disc; when it is activated, playback will be
prohibited if the software's level is higher
than the user-set level.
PBC: Playback Control. A system of
navigating a Video CD/Super VCD through
on-screen menus recorded onto the disc.
You can enjoy interactive playback and
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation): A
system for converting analog sound signal to
digital signal for later processing, with no
data compression used in conversion.
Progressive Scan: The progressive scan
displays twice the number of frames per
second than in an ordinary TV system. It
offers higher picture resolution and quality.
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Table of Contents

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