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Troubleshooting - Sony KL-X9200M Service Manual

Lcd projection data monitor.
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Replacing a lamp
If the screen becomes dark, the color looks unusual, or
the LAMP indicator on the front of the monitor flashes,
it is time to replace the lamp with a new one.
Disposal of the Used Lamp
Sony regards protection of the environment as
extremely important.
Kindly put the used lamp in the new lamp's package
and send it to the sales company whose address
appears on the new lamp's guaranty card.
Before replacement
• Be sure to use a Sony XL-100 series lamp unit (not supplied)
for replacement. Use of other lamps may damage the monitor.
• Do not remove the lamp for any purpose other than
• When replacing the lamp, let it cool down completely as the
surface of the lamp remains extremely hot for at least 30
minutes after the power has been turned off.
• Do not leave the removed lamp near flammable materials.
• Do not pour water onto the removed lamp, nor put any object
inside the lamp.
• Do not put inflammable materials and metal objects inside the
lamp receptacle on the monitor, after removing the lamp. Do
not touch the receptacle.
• Fit the new lamp securely, otherwise the screen may become
dark, or it may cause a fire.
Turn off the power switch on the monitor
and unplug the power cord.
Wait at least 30 minutes to allow the lamp to cool
down before replacing it .
Remove the front panel.
Grasping the right end of the
Hold the monitor tightly.
front panel with your fingers, pull
the panel towards you. Repeat
this step with the left end of the
panel. Be careful not to catch
your fingernails.
Additional Information
Loosen the screw with a coin or similar
object to remove the lamp cover.
Loosen the two screws that secure the
lamp, then pull out the lamp.
The lamp is very hot immediately after use. Never
touch the front glass of the lamp or the
surrounding parts.
Loosen the two screws with the hexagon
head wrench (supplied with the lamp).
Hold the handle and pull out straight
towards you.
Place the removed lamp into the empty box of the
replacement lamp.
Mount the new lamp and tighten the two
screws securely using the hexagon head
Mount the lamp cover and tighten the
Mount the front panel.
Be careful not to damage the monitor's speakers.
• Do not touch the front glass of a new lamp or the glass of the
lamp receptacle. This may reduce picture quality or lamp life.
• Be sure to attach the lamp securely; otherwise, the monitor will
not turn on.
• A loud sound may be heard when the lamp burns out. This is
not dangerous.
• Consult your Sony dealer for obtaining the following lamp
XL-100 (for Japan)
XL-100U (only for the U.S.)
XL-100M (for countries other than Japan or the U.S.)


If the problem persists after trying the methods below,
contact your nearest Sony dealer.
No picture
Check that the power cord is connected
Is the power of the monitor turned on?
Is the air filter mounted securely? (page 27)
Is the lamp cover attached securely? (page
Check that the power of the connected
equipment is turned on.
Try to press any key on the connected
computer's keyboard.
Check that the RGB signal cable or audio/
video cords are properly connected. (The
supplied HD15-HD15 adaptor may be
needed for some models of IBM PC/AT or
compatible computers. For a Macintosh or
compatible computer, use the supplied
Macintosh adaptor.) (pages 7 and 8)
Make sure that no pins on the HD15
connectors are bent.
Check that the connected computer's video
card is seated completely in the proper bus
Check that the frequency range of the input
signal is within that specified for the
monitor. (If not, "OUT OF SCAN RANGE"
appears on the screen.) (page 9)
The monitor does not accept an interlace
mode signal that is not a preset mode
For customers using Windows 95/98 — If
"KL-X9200" is not displayed as "Monitor
type" in the device selection screen in
Windows 95/98, select "Plug and Play
monitor (VESA DDC)" as "Monitor type."
Picture and sound output are delayed
When the green u (power) indicator on the
front is flashing, the monitor is warming
To protect the lamp, the monitor does not
immediately output the picture and sound
if you try to turn on the power more than 5
seconds after the power has been turned
Good picture, no sound
Press VOL+ (VOLUME+).
Press MUTING so that "MUTING"
disappears from the screen. (page 16)
The volume of the computer may be low.
Check that the audio connecting cord is
connected firmly to the audio outputs on
the computer.
Fuzzy picture
If you use the monitor in a cold place,
moisture condensation may have occurred.
Leave the monitor as it is to let the
moisture evaporate.
Dark picture
Replace the lamp for the light source with a
new one. (page 28)
No color, abnormal color
Adjust the picture in the VIDEO ADJUST
menu. (pages 20 and 21)
Select an appropriate color system from the
menu to obtain optimum color.
Computer picture not clear
Adjust PITCH, then PHASE in the DOT
ADJUST menu. (page 18)
Horizontal lines of the computer picture are
not visible.
Check that TIMING in the DOT ADJUST
menu is set to YES. (page 18)
Computer picture not centered or sized
Adjust the centering and size so that the
picture fits the screen. (pages 16 and 17)
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