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Epson SF-710 User Manual Page 136

Gps sports monitor.
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User Manual
Chronograph actions
The device cannot receive a
GPS signal.
Signals from the GPS are hard
to receive or are interrupted.
The device does not charge
even when it is placed in the
Charging stops frequently.
The charge error screen is
The device and the cradle
become hot while charging.
Can I use the device when
The inside of the glass
becomes cloudy.
Acquiring optional products.
Go to a location outside with no obstructions
overhead. Signals from the GPS cannot be
received while indoors. Also, if there are any
obstacles partially blocking the sky, such as tall
buildings and mountain sides, reception may be
interrupted causing a lack of precision in distance
Even when a signal is being received, it may be
interrupted depending on the running
Wear the device on the outside of your arm.
Check the connection for the cradle.
Clean the contact points on the device and the
"Looking after your device" on page 130
A malfunction may have occurred if you cannot
charge the device even after checking the points
above. Stop charging the device immediately, and
contact our service centre.
Charge in an environment where the surrounding
temperature is 5 to 35˚C.
There may be a malfunction. Stop using the device
immediately, and contact our service centre.
This device is water resistant at 5 barometric
pressures and can be used when swimming. Do
not perform button operations in the water. GPS
signals cannot be received when in water. Also, do
not swim while wearing the optional heart rate
monitor as it is not waterproof.
Condensation may occur in the device due to
differences in temperature between the device
and the open air. Temporary condensation does
not have any effect on the device. You can
continue to use the device in this condition. If the
condensation remains for a long time, water may
have entered the device.
Contact our service centre.
The AC adapter and heart rate monitor are
available as optional extras. Contact your local
reseller for more information.
Also, if you need an extra cradle, contact your local
reseller or our information center.



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