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Care; Using Discs - RCA 7-Piece 275 User Manual

Complete 7-piece 275-watt home theater audio system with 3-dvd/cd changer
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Considerable noise in
Incorrect frequency.
radio broadcasts.
The antenna is not connected.
ΠRF (AC-3) and/or digital cables are
near the antenna terminals and wires.
(For FM) The FM antenna is not fully
extended or is poorly positioned.
(For FM) The signal is weak.
(For AM) The AM antenna is poorly
(For AM) The signal is weak.
Interference caused by other equipment
(for example, fluorescent lights, motors).
Broadcast stations
The signals are weak.
cannot be selected
The display is dark.
The dimmer or sleep timer is on.
When listening to the
Speakers are connected wrong.
music in stereo, left/
right speakers sounds
are reversed.
Low hum or buzz
Power line of a fluorescent light or other
device is installed near the receiver.
Sound is only heard
One of the input cords is disconnected.
from one channel.
The channel level is set to one side.
Sound cuts off or there
Speaker impedance is less than
is no sound even
prescribed for this receiver.
though power is on.
Low bass response.
Speaker polarity(+/–) is reversed.
No sound from the
Surround Mode is set to
surround speakers.
Source being played is not recorded or
broadcast in surround sound.
One or more surround speaker wires is
not making a good connection.
No sound from the
Surround Mode is not set to
center speaker.


Keep the receiver dry; if it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
Use and store the receiver only in normal temperature
environments. Handle the receiver carefully; do not drop it.
Keep the receiver away from dust and dirt, and wipe it with a
damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new.
Modifying or tampering with the receiver's internal
components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate its
warranty and void your FCC authorization to operate it. If your
, or
Tune in the correct frequency.
Connect the antenna.
Route ΠRF (AC-3) and digital cables away from the
antenna terminals and wires.
Fully extend the FM wire antenna, position for best
reception, and secure to a wall.
Connect an outdoor FM antenna.
Adjust the direction and position for best reception.
Connect an additional internal or external AM antenna.
Turn off the equipment causing the noise or move it away
from the receiver.
Place the antenna farther away from the equipment causing
the noise.
Connect an outdoor antenna.
After checking, if needed, reconnect.
Place the receiver as far away as possible from electric
devices that cause interference.
Connect the input cords securely.
Adjust the channel level.
After turning off the power and then turning it on again,
reduce the volume or change to the correct 6-ohm
Check all speakers for correct polarity.
Set the mode to the desired surround mode position.
Use surround mode.
Check all surround speaker wires for good connection.
Set Surround Mode to
receiver is not performing as it should, take it to your local
RadioShack store for assistance.
C C C C a a a a u u u u t t t t i i i i o o o o n n n n : : : : You might permanently damage your speakers by
cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner. Use a feather duster or a
soft loose cloth instead.

Using Discs

When using discs, you must always take the following
, or

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