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No color
• Adjust "Color" in the Video menu. (see "Picture Adjustment" on page 23)
• Black and white programs cannot be seen in color.
• Perform AUTO SET UP again using the SET UP button to return to the factory preset condition. (see "To perform AUTO SET UP again" on page 16)
Only snow and noise appear on
• Check the "Cable" setting in the Channel Set Up menu. (see "Cable" on page 28)
the screen
• Check the antenna/cable connections.
• Make sure the channel is broadcasting programs.
• Press ANT to change the input mode. (see "ANT" on page 19)
Dotted lines or stripes
• Adjust the antenna.
• Keep the projection TV away from noise sources such as cars, neon signs or hair-dryers.
TV is fixed to one channel
• Use "Auto Program" to add receivable channels that are not presently in TV's memory. (see "Auto Program" on page 28)
Double images or ghosts
• Use a highly directional outdoor antenna or a cable (when the problem is caused by reflections from nearby mountains or tall buildings).
Cannot operate the menu
• If the item you want to choose appears in gray, you cannot select it.
• Press the projection TV's power button off and on again.
Cannot receive any channels
• Make sure "Cable" is "On" in the Channel Set Up menu. (see "Cable" on page 28)
when using cable TV
• Use "Auto Program" to add receivable channels that are not presently in the TV's memory. (see "Auto Program" on page 28)
Cannot gain enough volume when
• Increase the volume at the cable box. Then press TV (FUNCTION) and adjust the projection TV's volume.
using a cable box
Favorite Channel does not display
• Verify that "Favorite Channel" is set to "Manual" in the Channel Set Up menu. (see "Setting Favorite Channel manually" on page 29)
your choices
Some video sources do not
• Ensure that "Video Label" is not set to "Skip." (see "Video Label" on page 32)
appear when you press TV/VIDEO
Recording through MONITOR OUT
• MONITOR OUT will not record both images in PIP. Only the main picture will be recorded.
does not function properly when
• If you are recording the main picture and you switch to the sound of the sub picture using the AUDIO button, the main picture will be recorded with sound
recording in PIP mode
Cannot play shooting games
• Some shooting games which involve pointing a light beam at the TV screen with an electronic gun or rifle cannot be used with this projection TV. For
from the other program.
details, see the instruction manual supplied with the video game software.


Table of Contents


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