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Maintenance; Protecting The Environment; Logging; Oil Level - Black & Decker Chain Saw Manual

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Table of Contents
Logging (fig. K, L & M)
How you should cut depends on how the log is supported.
Use a saw horse whenever possible. Always start a cut with
the saw chain (5) running and the spiked bumper (17) in
contact with the wood (fig. K). To complete the cut use a
pivoting action of the spiked bumper against the wood.
When supported along its whole length:
Make a downward cut, but avoid cutting the earth as this
will blunt your saw chain quickly.
When supported at both ends:
First, cut one third down to avoid splintering and second,
cut again to meet the first cut,
When supported at one end:
First cut one third up to avoid splintering and second, cut
down to prevent splintering.
When on a slope (fig. L):
Always stand on the uphill side.
When using a saw horse (fig. M):
This is strongly recommended whenever possible.
Position the log in a stable position. Always cut on the
outside of the saw horse arms. Use clamps or straps to
secure the workpiece.
When attempting to cut a log on the ground secure the
workpiece using chocks or wedges. The user or a bystander
should not steady the log by sitting or standing on it. Ensure
the saw chain does not contact the ground.


Regular maintenance ensures a long effective life for the
tool. We recommend you make the following checks on a
regular basis.

Oil level

The level in the reservoir should not be allowed to fall below
a quarter full.
Saw chain and guide bar (fig. G)
After every few hours of use, remove the guide bar (6) and
the saw chain (5) and clean them thoroughly.
On reassembling, the guide bar (6) should be turned
through 1800 and the sprocket nose greased via the
sprocket lubrication hole (16). This ensures an even
distribution of wear around the guide bar rails.
Saw chain sharpening
If you are to get the best possible performance from the tool
it is important to keep the teeth of the saw chain sharp.
Guidance for this procedure is found on the sharpener
package. For this purpose we recommend the purchase of
the Black & Decker saw chain sharpening kit (available from
Black & Decker service agents and selected dealers).
Replacing worn out saw chains
Replacement saw chains are available through retailers or
Black & Decker service agents. Always use genuine spare
Saw chain sharpness
The saw chain cutters will blunt immediately if they touch
the ground or a nail whilst cutting.
Saw chain tension
Regularly check the saw chain tension.
What to do if your chainsaw needs repair.
Your chainsaw is in accordance with the relevant safety
requirements. Repairs should only be carried out by a
qualified person using original spare parts otherwise this
may result in considerable danger to the user. We
recommend you keep this user manual in a safe place.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
If a new mains plug needs to be fitted:
Safely dispose of the old plug.
Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in the new plug.
Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! No connection is to be made to the earth terminal.
Follow the fitting instructions supplied with good quality plugs.
Recommended fuse: 10 A.

Protecting the environment

Should you find one day that your tool needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you,
think of the protection of the environment. Black
& Decker repair agents will accept old Black &
Decker tools and ensure that they are disposed of
in an environmentally safe way.
Separate collection of used products and
packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps
prevent environmental pollution and reduces the
demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of
electrical products from the household, at municipal waste
sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and
recycling of Black & Decker products once they have reached
the end of their working life. To take advantage of this
service please return your product to any authorised repair
agent who will collect them on our behalf.

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Table of Contents

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