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Connecting The System; To Prevent Damage; Notice For The Blue/White Lead - Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA210 Installation Manual

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Table of Contents

Connecting the system

To prevent damage

• Use speakers over 50 W (output value)
and between 4 Ω to 8 Ω (impedance
value). Do not use 1 Ω to 3 Ω speakers
for this unit.
• The black cable is ground. When
installing this unit or power amp (sold
separately), make sure to connect the
ground wire first. Ensure that the
ground wire is properly connected to
metal parts of the car's body. The
ground wire of the power amp and the
one of this unit or any other device
must be connected to the car sepa-
rately with different screws. If the
screw for the ground wire loosens or
falls out, it could result in fire genera-
tion of smoke or malfunction.
Ground wire
Other devices
(Another electronic
device in the car)
Not supplied for this unit.
• When replacing the fuse, be sure to
only use a fuse of the rating prescribed
on this product.
• When disconnecting a connector, pull
the connector itself. Do not pull the
lead, as you may pull it out of the con-
• This product cannot be installed in a
vehicle without ACC (accessory) posi-
tion on the ignition switch.
Power amp
Metal parts of car's body
ACC position
• To avoid short-circuiting, cover the dis-
connected lead with insulating tape. It is
especially important to insulate all un-
used speaker leads, which if left uncov-
ered may cause a short circuit.
• Refer to the owner's manual for details
on connecting the power amp and other
units, then make connections according-
• Since a unique BPTL circuit is employed,
do not directly ground the
speaker lead or connect the
other side of the speaker lead together.
Be sure to connect the
speaker lead to the
lead on this product.

Notice for the blue/white lead

• When the ignition switch is turned on
(ACC ON), a control signal is output
through the blue/white lead. Connect to
an external power amp's system remote
control terminal (max. 300 mA 12 V DC).
The control signal is output through the
blue/white lead, even if the AV source is
switched off.
• Be sure not to use this lead as the power
supply lead for the external power amps.
Such connection could cause excessive
current drain and malfunction.
• Be sure not to use this lead as the power
supply lead for the auto-antenna or an-
tenna booster. Such connection could
cause excessive current drain and mal-
No ACC position
side of the
side of an-
side of the
side of the speaker

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Table of Contents

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