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Precautions Before Connecting The System; Before Installing This Product - Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA210 Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Connecting the system
Precautions before
connecting the system
Do not take any steps to tamper with or
disable the parking brake interlock sys-
tem which is in place for your protec-
tion. Tampering with or disabling the
parking brake interlock system could
result in serious injury or death.
• If you decide to perform the installa-
tion yourself, and have special training
and experience in the mobile electron-
ics installations, please carefully fol-
low all of the steps in the installation
• Secure all wiring with cable clamps or
electrical tape. Do not allow any bare
wiring to remain exposed.
• Do not directly connect the yellow lead
of this product to the vehicle battery. If
the lead is directly connected to the
battery, engine vibration may eventu-
ally cause the insulation to fail at the
point where the wire passes from the
passenger compartment into the
engine compartment. If the yellow
lead's insulation tears as a result of
contact with metal parts, short-circuit-
ing can occur, resulting in considerable
• It is extremely dangerous to allow
cables to become wound around the
steering column or shift lever. Be sure
to install this product, its cables, and
wiring away in such so that they will
not obstruct or hinder driving.
• Make sure that the cables and wires
will not interfere with or become
caught in any of the vehicle's moving
parts, especially the steering wheel,
shift lever, parking brake, sliding seat
tracks, doors, or any of the vehicle's
• Do not route wires where they will be
exposed to high temperatures. If the
insulation heats up, wires may become
damaged, resulting in a short circuit or
malfunction and permanent damage to
the product.
• Do not cut the GPS antenna cable to
shorten it or use an extension to make
it longer. Altering the antenna cable
could result in a short circuit or mal-
• Do not shorten any leads. If you do, the
protection circuit (fuse holder, fuse
resistor or filter, etc.) may fail to work
• Never feed power to other electronic
products by cutting the insulation of
the power supply lead of this product
and tapping into the lead. The current
capacity of the lead will be exceeded,
causing overheating.

Before installing this product

• Use this unit with a 12-volt battery and
negative grounding only. Failure to do so
may result in a fire or malfunction.
To avoid shorts in the electrical system, be
sure to disconnect the (−) battery cable be-
fore installation.

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Table of Contents

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