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Precautions Before Installation; To Avoid Electromagnetic Interference; Before Installing - Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA210 Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Precautions before
• Never install this product in places
where, or in a manner that:
– Could injure the driver or passengers
if the vehicle stops suddenly.
– May interfere with the driver's opera-
tion of the vehicle, such as on the
floor in front of the driver's seat, or
close to the steering wheel or shift le-
• Make sure there is nothing behind the
dashboard or paneling when drilling
holes in them. Be careful not to dam-
age fuel lines, brake lines, electronic
components, communication wires or
power cables.
• When using screws, do not allow them
to come into contact with any electrical
lead. Vibration may damage wires or
insulation, leading to a short circuit or
other damage to the vehicle.
• To ensure proper installation, be sure
to use the supplied parts in the manner
specified. If any parts are not supplied
with this product, use compatible parts
in the manner specified after you have
the parts' compatibility checked by
your dealer. If parts other than sup-
plied or compatible ones are used, they
may damage internal parts of this prod-
uct or they may work loose and the
product may become detached.
• It is extremely dangerous to allow
cables to become wound around the
steering column or shift lever. Be sure
to install this product, its cables, and
wiring away in such so that they will
not obstruct or hinder driving.
• Make sure that leads cannot get caught
in a door or the sliding mechanism of a
seat, resulting in a short circuit.
• Please confirm the proper function of
your vehicle's other equipment after
installation of this product.
• Do not install this product where it
may (i) obstruct the driver's vision, (ii)
impair the performance of any of the
vehicle's operating systems or safety
features, including airbags, hazard
lamp buttons or (iii) impair the driver's
ability to safely operate the vehicle.
• Install this product between the driv-
er's seat and front passenger seat so
that it will not be hit by the driver or
passenger if the vehicle stops quickly.
• Never install this product in front of or
next to the place in the dashboard,
door, or pillar from which one of your
vehicle's airbags would deploy. Please
refer to your vehicle's owner's manual
for reference to the deployment area of
the frontal airbags.
• Failure to follow all of these precau-
tions may result in serious injury or
To avoid electromagnetic
In order to prevent interference, set the follow-
ing items as far as possible from this product,
other cables or leads:
• FM, AM antenna and its lead
• GPS antenna and its lead
In addition, you should lay or route each an-
tenna lead as far as possible from other an-
tenna leads. Do not bind, lay or route them to-
gether, or cross them. Electromagnetic noise
will increase the potential for errors in the ve-
hicle's location display.

Before installing

• Consult with your nearest dealer if instal-
lation requires drilling holes or other
modifications of the vehicle.
• Before making a final installation of this
product, temporarily connect the wiring
to confirm that the connections are cor-
rect and the system works properly.

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Table of Contents

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