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Step 4 Preparing The Remote Control; Step 5 Easy Setup; Listening To The Radio; Presetting Stations Automatically - Panasonic SC-XH20 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd home theater sound system.
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step 4
Preparing the remote control
Insert so the poles (r and j) match those in the remote control.
R6/LR6, AA
Replace the cover.
≥ Use alkaline or manganese batteries.
Aim at the remote control signal sensor (
Distance: Within approx. 7 m
Angle: Within approx. 20° up and down, approx. 30° to the left and right
step 5
Easy setup
The Easy setup screen assists you in making necessary
Turn on your TV and select the appropriate video input mode
(e.g. VIDEO 1, AV 1, etc.) to suit the connection to this unit.
≥ To change your TV's video input mode, refer to its operating
≥ This remote control can perform some basic TV operations (
Press [Í]1 to turn on the unit.
≥ The Easy setup screen appears automatically.
Press [3, 4]8 to select "Yes" and press [OK]8.
Follow the messages and make the settings with
[3, 4, 2, 1]8 and [OK]8.
Select the language used on menu screen.
≥TV aspect
Select the aspect to suit your TV.
≥Speaker layout
Select "Surround layout (Recommended)" mode or "Front layout
(Alternative)" mode according to your speaker layout (
≥Speaker check
Listen to speaker output to confirm speaker connections.
≥Speaker output
Make surround sound setting for speaker output.
Press [OK]8 to finish the "Easy setup".
≥ You can perform this setup anytime by selecting "Easy setup" in the Setup
menu. (
Press in and lift up.
4), avoiding obstacles.

Listening to the radio

You can preset up to 30 channels.
The radio settings will be shown on the unit's display. (Some settings are
also indicated on the TV screen.)
Make sure that the FM antenna is connected. (

Presetting stations automatically

Press [RADIO]4 to select "FM".
Press [MENU]C to select "LOWEST" or "CURRENT".
To begin auto preset with the lowest frequency (FM 87.50).
To begin auto preset with the current frequency.
§ To change the frequency, refer to "Manual tuning and presetting".
Press and hold [OK]8.
Release the button when "FM AUTO" is displayed.
The tuner starts to preset all the stations it can receive into the
channels in ascending order.

Listening to a preset channel

Press [RADIO]4 to select "FM".
Press the numbered buttons to select the channel.
≥ To select a 2-digit number
e.g. 12: [S10]2
Alternatively, press [X, W]@.
Manual tuning and presetting
Select a radio broadcast.
1 Press [RADIO]4 to select "FM".
2 Press [SEARCH6, SEARCH5]? to select the frequency.
≥To start automatic tuning, press and hold [SEARCH6,
SEARCH5]? until the frequency starts scrolling. Tuning stops
when a station is found.
To preset the channel
3 While listening to the radio broadcast
Press [OK]8.
4 While the frequency is flashing on the display
Press the numbered buttons to select the channel.
A station previously stored is overwritten when another station is stored in the
same channel preset.


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