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Operation At On-Hook State - Brother TX-325 Operation Manual

Users manual
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Operation at on-hook state

Receiving incoming FSK & DTMF caller ID
When receiving a phone call, the LCD will display the phone number together with the
information of name, date, time, and the number if user had applied for the Caller ID service. A
new number will carry a "NEW" icon, and a repeated number will carry a "REP" icon. A message
waiting will carry a  icon. A private call (when the caller prefers his/her number to be hidden)
will display "PRIVATE CALL". A call out of service will display "OUT OF AREA". An incorrect
incoming signal will display "NOT AVAILABLE". If it is a FSK format caller ID signal, the current
month, date and time display will be updated (while the year remains unchanged). If there is no
information from exchange, the name shown on the LCD will be same as that in the phone book.
Checking incoming caller ID
User can use UP or DOWN key to view the information of the incoming calls including phone
number, date, and time.
Re-dialing an incoming caller ID
For a local call, just press the SPEAKER /
Checking outgoing calls
User can use REDIAL/
press SPEAKER key or pick-up HANDSET directly.
Checking phone book
Press PHONE BOOK key and input the first character of name. You could view the
corresponding telephone numbers by pressing PHONE BOOK key again. If no character input,
you could use PHONE BOOK key to view in sequence. To re-dial, press SPEAKER key directly.
Rev: 4
key when the caller's number is on display.
key to view the outgoing numbers and duration of each call. To re-dial,



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