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Mitsubishi Electric PAR-21MAA Installation Manual page 7

City multi control system and mitsubishi mr. slim air conditioners ma deluxe remote controller
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[Procedure] (Set only when change is necessary.)
1 Check the set contents of each mode. When the set contents of a mode were changed by function selection, the functions of that mode also change.
Check the set contents as described in steps 2 to 7 and change the setting based on the entries in the Table 1 check field. For the factory settings, refer to the indoor unit installation manual.
2 Set the remote controller to Off.
Press and hold down the A [FILTER] and B [TEST] buttons at
the same time for two seconds or longer.
"FUNCTION SELECTION" blinks for a while, then the remote con-
troller display changes to the display shown below.
Refrigerant address
* If the remote controller enters the OFF state after the "FUNCTION SELECTION" and room temperature displays "
communication is probably abnormal. Make sure there are no noise sources near the transmission line.
NOTE: If you make a mistake during operation, end function selection by step ? and repeat selection from step 2.
4 Set the indoor unit address No.
Press the D [
ON/OFF] button. The unit address No.
display "– –" flashes.
Unit address No. display
* When setting mode 1 to 3, set the unit address No. to "00".
* When setting modes 7 to 11:
- When setting for each indoor unit, set the unit address No. to "01-04".
- When batch setting for all indoor units, set the unit address No. to "AL".
5 Refrigerant address and unit address No. registration
Press the E [
] button. The refrigerant address and unit ad-
dress No. are registered.
After a while, the mode No. display "– –" flashes.
Mode No. display
* When "
" flashes at the room temperature display, the selected re-
frigerant address is not in the system.
When "F" is displayed at the unit address No. display, and when it flashes
together with the refrigerant address display, the selected unit address
No. does not exist. Correctly set the refrigerant address and unit ad-
dress No. by repeating steps 2 and 3.
6 Mode No. selection
Select the mode No. you want to set with the F [
Mode No. display
7 Select the setting contents of the selected mode.
When the G [
MENU] button is pressed, the current setting No.
flashes. Use this to check the currently set contents.
Setting No. display
Setting No. 1 = Simultaneous operation indoor units balance
8 The contents set at steps 3 to 7 are registered.
When the E [
] button is pressed, the mode No. and setting No. flash and registration begins. The flashing mode No. and
setting No. change to a steady light and setting ends.
* When "– –" appears at the mode No. and setting No. displays and "
Make sure there are no noise sources near the transmission line.
9 To select more functions, repeat steps 3 to 8.
? End function selection.
Press and hold down the A [FILTER] and B [TEST] buttons at the same time for two seconds or longer.
After a while, the function selection display disappears and the remote controller returns to the air conditioner off display.
* Do not operate the air conditioner from the remote controller for 30 seconds after the end of function selection.
NOTE: When the functions of an indoor unit were changed by function selection after the end of installation, always indicate the set contents
by entering a
or other mark in the appropriate check field of Table 1.
3 Set the outdoor unit refrigerant address No.
When the C [
address No. decreases and increases between 00 and 15. Set it to the
refrigerant address No. whose function you want to select.
(This step is unnecessary for single refrigerant system.)
When the C [
dress No. changes in 00 → 01 → 02 → 03 → 04 → AL order. Set it to the
unit address No. of the indoor unit whose functions you want to set.
When registered using the E [
unit begins fan operation. When you want to know the location of the
indoor units of the unit address No. whose functions were selected, check
here. When the unit address No. is 00 or AL, all the indoor units of the
selected refrigerant address perform the fan operation.
Ex) When refrigerant address 00, unit address No. = 02 registered
* When grouping by different refrigerant systems and an indoor unit other
than the specified refrigerant address performs the fan operation, the
refrigerant address set here is probably duplicated.
Recheck the refrigerant address at the outdoor unit rotary switches.
) and (
)] buttons. (Only the settable mode numbers can be selected.)
Mode No. 02 = Room temperature detection position
Select the setting No. using the F [
" flashes at the room temperature display, communication is probably abnormal.
) and (
)] buttons are pressed, the refrigerant
" have flashes for two seconds,
) and (
)] buttons are pressed, the unit ad-
] button, the registered indoor
Refrigerant address 00
Outdoor unit
Unit address
Unit address
Indoor unit
No. 01
No. 02
Fan operation
Remote Controller
Setting No. 3 = Remote controller built-in sensor
Unit address
No. 03
) and (
)] buttons.



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