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Printer lights blink

The Power light blinks when printing. This is normal.
The Power light blinks 2-on, 1-off when a print job is being cancelled.
When you see this...
Power light on and
Resume light blinks
Power light on and
Print Cartridge light blinks
Power and
Print Cartridge lights on
Power and Resume
lights blink
Resume light blinks
All lights blink
The problem is likely caused by...
The printer is out of paper
The paper needs to be ejected
There is a paper size or type mismatch
The printer is no longer receiving data
The printer is waiting for the page to dry before printing the
next page
Manual Duplex is waiting for user's action
There is a media size mismatch
"Loading paper"
"Printing on standard-sized paper"
more information.
Incompatible cartridge
Incorrect installation
Print cartridge damaged or not usable
See the print cartridge packaging to ensure that the print cartridge
is designed for your printer model. For print cartridge installation
instructions, see
"Replacing the print cartridges."
Low or out of ink
Replace any low or empty print cartridges, then try to print again.
"Replacing the print cartridges"
The movement of the print cartridge might be blocked. Turn the
printer off and open the printer's top cover to check the following:
Remove any packing materials from the printer.
Check for paper that has crumpled and jammed in the printer.
Remove the excess paper, then clear the paper jam from the
rollers. See
"Paper is jammed in the printer."
When there are no obstructions, turn the printer off, then on again.
There is a paper jam or paper motor stall. See
in the printer."
Turn the printer off, then on again. If all the lights still blink,
remove the printer's power plug from the wall outlet to completely
cut off the power supply. If the problem persists, the problem is
likely caused by a failure in the printer. Contact the HP Customer
Support Center (see
for instructions.
"Paper is jammed


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  • Nasiru Jan 04, 2017 04:31:
    if my printer is just blinking when i tuned it on, what it mean?
  • Nasiru Jan 04, 2017 04:28:
    if my printer is just blinking when i tuned it on, what it mean?