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Before Using 3d Viewing Mode; 3d Precautions - Samsung H5500series E-manual

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Before Using 3D Viewing Mode

Availability depends on the specific model and area.

3D Precautions

In 3D viewing mode, the screen may flicker under florescent lighting (50Hz ~ 60Hz) or three-wave
If this occurs, turn off the lighting or adjust it to a low level.
When you switch the picture mode from 3D view, the 3D view mode turns off, and the 3D glasses
no longer provide a 3D view.
When you turn off 3D mode, the 3D glasses also turn off in a few moments.
If you are watching TV with 3D glasses and you lie on your side, the picture may look darker or
may not be visible.
If the 3D glasses are defective or damaged, they cannot be repaired and need to be exchanged
for a new pair. The repair service is free of charge within the warranty period. Note that the
warranty does not cover damage caused by the user.
The actual 3D effect may be experienced differently depending on the viewer. The 3D effect may
not be experienced by persons who has a large difference of vision between the left and right
In 3D viewing mode, watch TV within the recommended distance.
The 3D functionality of the glasses may not work properly if you move out of the recommended range
for about 3 seconds or more.
If you stay outside the recommended range, the 3D glasses lose wireless wireless communications with
the TV. If this occurs, the 3D display turns off and, a few seconds later the glasses turn off.
The 3D glasses may not work properly if there are any nearby active 3D devices or electronic
or wireless communication devices (for example, a device that uses the 2.4GHz frequency range
such as a microwave or AP). If this occurs, move the devices away from the 3D glasses.
The Samsung Multi View 3D Glasses may not work properly near metal objects or near an
electromagnetic field. If this occurs, move the metal objects or the electromagnetic device away
from the 3D glasses.
The vividness of the image may degraded if you watch a 3D movie in a location exposed to direct
sunlight or illumination.
The temples of the 3D glasses do not fold. Do not attempt to fold the temples. You can damage
the 3D glasses.


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