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Samsung DMT300RFB/XAA Troubleshooting Manual page 4

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1. Never overfill the dispenser compartment with powder or liquid, only go below or up to fill line.
2. If there is residue around the dispenser door area. Previously undispensed, partially dispensed, or door stuck close
issue) clean it with mild soap & water. The residue can foul the mating latch.
3. If the customer uses ―tablets‖ or some self contained type of soap tab, make sure it is fully seated and the door does
not ‗sandwich' it shut.
4. Make sure that in the rack nearest to the dispenser door when the door is shut, is not obstructing the opening of the
dispenser with some protruding utensil.
Testing The Detergent Door and Dispenser
1. Disconnect wires from disp. & close detergent door.
2. Connect Fused cheater cord and apply 120vac
3. In approximately 40 seconds the wax motor will open the door.
4. Remove power, allow wax motor to return.
5. Restore power to wax motor, in approximately 40 seconds the rinse aid will
be activated. Remove power.
6. Close detergent door to repeat test
# tsDMT300RF RevB 03/21/2011
Moisture creates resistance between the pins. ALWAYS
clean the area below the pins after troubleshooting.
Check Pump Ass'y for proper twist lock.
Condensation may form on the tray from uninsulated
outside walls or large hole in the floor to a cold basement.
Check Drain Hose for cut or small hole.
Check all components mounted to the sump for any
Detergent Door Not Opening
Leaking and Poor
for split wash arms
Leaking Code

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