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Dell B5460dn User Manual Page 223

Laser printer.
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User manual - 233 pages
Datasheet - 8 pages
Manual - 2 pages


Table of Contents
printer control panel, virtual
using the Embedded Web
Server 142
printer hard disk
disposing of 127
encrypting 129
installing 23
removing 27
wiping 129
printer hard disk encryption 129
printer hard disk memory
erasing 129
printer information
where to find 7
printer is printing blank pages 206
printer messages
[x]‑page jam, clear manual feeder.
[250] 156
[x]‑page jam, lift front cover to
remove cartridge. [200–
201] 149
[x]‑page jam, open tray [x].
[24x] 156
[x]‑page jam, open upper and
lower rear door. [231–234] 152
[x]‑page jam, open upper rear
door. [202] 151
[x]‑page jam, remove paper, open
expander rear door. Leave paper
in bin. [43y.xx] 160
[x]‑page jam, remove paper, open
finisher rear door. Leave paper in
bin. [451] 161
[x]‑page jam, remove paper, open
mailbox rear door. Leave paper
in bin. [41y.xx] 158
[x]‑page jam, remove paper, open
stapler door. Leave paper in bin.
[455–457] 162
[x]‑page jam, remove standard bin
jam. [203] 152
[x]‑page jam, remove tray 1 to
clear duplex. [235–239] 154
Cartridge low [88.xy] 165
Cartridge nearly low [88.xy] 165
Cartridge very low, [x] estimated
pages remain [88.xy] 165
Change [paper source] to [custom
string] load [orientation] 165
Change [paper source] to [custom
type name] load
[orientation] 165
Change [paper source] to [paper
size] load [orientation] 166
Change [paper source] to [paper
type] [paper size] load
[orientation] 166
Check tray [x] connection 166
Close door or insert cartridge 166
Close rear door 166
Complex page, some data may not
have printed [39] 167
Configuration change, some held
jobs were not restored [57] 167
Defective flash detected [51] 167
Disk full [62] 167
Disk must be formatted for use in
this device 167
Disk near full. Securely clearing
disk space. 168
Empty the hole punch box 168
Error reading USB drive. Remove
USB. 168
Error reading USB hub. Remove
hub. 168
Imaging unit low [84.xy] 168
Imaging unit nearly low
[84.xy] 168
Imaging unit very low, [x]
estimated pages remain
[84.xy] 168
Incompatible output bin [x]
[59] 168
Incompatible tray [x] [59] 169
Incorrect paper size, open [paper
source] [34] 169
Insert hole punch box 169
Insert staple cartridge 169
Insert Tray [x] 169
Install bin [x] 169
Install Tray [x] 170
Insufficient memory for Flash
Memory Defragment operation
[37] 170
Insufficient memory to collate job
[37] 171
Insufficient memory to support
Resource Save feature [35] 171
Insufficient memory, some Held
Jobs were deleted [37] 170
Insufficient memory, some held
jobs will not be restored
[37] 170
Load [paper source] with [custom
string] [orientation] 171
Load [paper source] with [custom
type name] [orientation] 171
Load [paper source] with [paper
size] [orientation] 172
Load [paper source] with [paper
type] [paper size]
[orientation] 172
Load Manual Feeder with [custom
string] [orientation] 172
Load Manual Feeder with [custom
type name] [orientation] 172
Load Manual Feeder with [paper
size] [orientation] 173
Load Manual Feeder with [paper
type] [paper size]
[orientation] 173
Load staples 171
Maintenance kit low [80.xy] 173
Maintenance kit nearly low
[80.xy] 173
Maintenance kit very low, [x]
estimated pages remain
[80.xy] 173
managing 142
Memory full [38] 173
Network [x] software error
[54] 174
Non‑Dell [supply type], see User's
Guide [33.xy] 174
Not enough free space in flash
memory for resources [52] 174
Paper changes needed 175
Parallel port [x] disabled [56] 175
PPDS font error [50] 175
Printer restart. Check last job. 175
Reattach bin [x] 175
Reattach bins [x] – [y] 176
Reinstall missing or unresponsive
cartridge [31.xy] 176
Reinstall missing or unresponsive
imaging unit [31.xy] 177
Remove defective disk [61] 177
Remove packaging material, [area
name] 177
Remove paper from [linked set bin
name] 177
Remove paper from all bins 177


Table of Contents

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