Handy Hints; Overload; Tool Care; Cleaning - Black & Decker KG65 Manual

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• Always position the guard so that as much of the
exposed disc as possible is pointing away from you.
• Be prepared for a stream of sparks when the disc
touches the metal.
of the disc and avoids unnecessary overloading.
disc on the
backing pad.
Fit the threaded
outer flange and
tighten as
explained in
'Fitting the discs'.
Hold your angle
grinder firmly with
one hand around
the side handle
and the other
around the body
of your angle
When grinding,
always maintain
the correct angle
between the disc
and the work
surface (15˚).
This increases the
removal capacity


Overloading will cause damage to the motor of your
angle grinder. This can happen if your angle grinder is
subjected to heavy duty use for prolonged periods of
use. Do not in any circumstances, attempt to exert too
much pressure on your angle grinder to speed up your
work. The abrasive discs operate more efficiently
when a light pressure is exerted, thus avoiding a drop
in the speed of your angle grinder (see Tool care).


Keep guards, air vents and the motor housing as clear
as possible of dust and dirt. Wipe with a clean cloth
and blow through with a low-pressure air supply.
Excessive build-up of metal dust can cause tracking of
electrical current from the internal parts to exposed
metal parts. Do not overload your angle grinder.
Overloading causes a reduction in speed and
efficiency, causing your angle grinder to become too
hot. If this happens, operate your angle grinder under
no load for one or two minutes until it has cooled to
normal operating temperature. Switching your angle
grinder off under load will reduce the life of the switch.


Use only mild soap and a slightly damp cloth to clean
your angle grinder. Many household cleaners contain
chemicals which could seriously damage the plastic.
Also, do not use petrol, turpentine, lacquer or paint
thinners or similar products. Never let any liquid get
inside the tool and never immerse any part of the tool
into liquid.


We declare that units: KG65, KG72, KG90 conform to
89/392/EEC, 89/336/EEC, EN55014, 73/23/EEC, EN55104,
EN50144, HD400, EN61000
A weighted sound pressure 97.7dB (A)
A weighted sound power 110.7dB (A)
Hand/arm weighted vibration <2.5m/s
Brian Cooke - Director of Engineering
Black & Decker Ltd, Spennymoor, County Durham
DL16 6JG United Kingdom
The Black & Decker policy is one of continuous
improvement to our product and as such we reserve
the right to change the product specification without
prior notice.

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Table of Contents

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