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Whirlpool WRID41TW Service Manual page 16

Top mount no frost refrigerator
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Note: -
• There is no Service routine provided in this model.
• In Dlx models Diagnosis of the Error / Sensor / Pot failure is not of continuous nature. Service person
needs to restart the Product to listen to the Buzzer Beep for error indications if any.
• To check whether Heater is working fine or not, service person can use the Power up initialization
function of the model, where Product need to be switched Off & need to be ensured that the temp at the
FC sensor is >0°c, then after making the product ON product goes into the Power up initialization mode
where after product switch ON, heater gets activated for the first 5 seconds & then it goes to the
compressor mode. Service person can make the use of this 5 seconds where by putting the Tong tester one
can easily identify the healthy/faulty condition of the heater through the driving current displayed on the
tong tester it self at the Electronic core board box location without opening the FC Plenum.
In case of any Aluminum foil wrapping found over the Wiring harness either in FC compartment, RC
Compartment or in the Compressor deck area, the same Al foil should be carefully replaces in same
fashion after servicing
• In case of any detailed technical information please check with the Dlx technical specification.
Board Level Diagnostics for :
* Thermistor Failure FC/RC
* Potentiometer Failure
1 First Turn Off the Product & disconnect the Plug.
2 Remove the Control Board from Box.
3 Disconnect the 10-Pin connector from Board.
4 For Thermistor Failure FC/RC
* Check resistance on pin no. 8 & 9 of CN2 ( 10 pin connec) for RC Thermistor.
* Check resistance on pin no. 5 & 7 of CN2 ( 10 pin connec) for FC Thermistor.
* IF thermistor is open then the resistance is zero.
* IF thermistor is short then the resistance is above 22 KOhms
* IF resistance lie between 0-22 KOhms the themistor is OK.
5 Potentiometer Failure
* Check resistance on pin no. 1 & 8 of CN2 ( 10 pin connec) for Potentiometer.
* It should lie between 0 to 22 K ohms



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