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Nespresso Pixie C Service Manual Page 17

Nespresso pixie coffee machines service manual.
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Machine mode
• After heat up and self
• After brewing or
3 Ready mode
• After reset mode
• After leaving
• Press and release
4a Brewing mode
4b Volume brewing
• Press and hold
mode (program-
ming cup size)
• Switch on machine,
5 Descaling mode
• Press and hold both
1) Switch off machine
2) Press and hold
3) Switch on machine
6 Emptying mode
1) Switch off machine
2) Press and hold
7 Resetting mode
3) Switch on machine
8 Auto switch off mode
Automatically after a
(factory setting of 9 min
certain period of non-
can be changed to
30 min - see page 20)
Automatically by fol-
lowing failures:
9 Failure mode
a) NTC short circuit
b) NTC not connected
c) Heat up too slow
Enter mode
test mode was ok
volume brewing
Keeps thermoblock
temperature at 90 °C
descaling mode
coffee button "large
cup" or "small cup"
(brewing mode)
coffee button "large
cup" or "small cup"
for more than 3 s
(programming mode)
• Regulates tempera-
ture to 55 °C (after
pump was started)
wait until ready
• Stops and starts
pump with any coffee
coffee buttons for at
button, no volume
least 3 sec
brewing in descaling
1) Starts pump
2) Stops pump after
coffee button
"small cup"
3) Heats up thermo-
4) Switches off ther-
5) Switches off
6) Blocks machine for
• Resets programmed
large and small
coffee button
coffee volumes to
"large cup"
factory setting
• Indicates the reset-
ting mode for 3 sec
• Switch off machine
after 9 min resp.
30 min if no coffee is
brewed or 9 min
resp. 30 min after
last brewed coffee
Machine indicates fail-
ure with blinking coffee
buttons as long as the
failure is present
e.g. switching off
• Press and release
coffee button "large
cup" or "small cup"
when machine was
in brewing mode or
automatic exit given
by the flow meter
• Release coffee
button "large cup" or
"small cup" when
machine is in
programming mode
• Switch off machine
• Press and hold both
coffee buttons for
1 sec
Note: When machine is
switched off during any
descaling mode, then it
goes to descaling
mode ready state after
next switch on.
10 sec
block to 105 °C
(100% power)
Switch off machine
10 min
Proceeds with self test
mode automatically
When failure is fixed
Pixie service manual
Exit mode


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  • Jean Paul Conil Lacoste Jul 11, 2018 12:28:
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