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KitchenAid 8301169 Installation Instructions Manual page 9

36" (91.4 cm) commercial style dual fuel range with self-cleaning thermal/convection oven
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Check the operation of the
surface burners, grille and
Electronic Ignition System —
initial lighting
Surface burners use electronic ignitors in
place of standing pilots. When the
cooktop control knob is pushed in and
turned to the "LITE" position, the system
creates a spark to light the burner. This
sparking continues until the control knob
is turned to the desired setting.
The grille and griddle burner use an
ignitor glow bar that is either on or off in
place of standing pilots. When the glow
bar is hot, it sends a signal back to the
safety valve which opens allowing gas
to flow.
Push in and turn the surface
burners and grille control knobs to "LITE"
position. For griddles, turn the griddle
control knob to a temperature degree
mark (300F° recommended). The surface
burner flame should light within 4
seconds and the grille and griddle flame
in 30-40 seconds.
NOTE: The griddle flame cannot be seen,
but you should hear it ignite and feel heat
from the griddle.
After lighting the burners, turn the control
knobs to "OFF".
If burners do not light properly, turn
control knob to the "OFF" position. Check
that burner cap is in the proper position.
Check that circuit breaker or house fuse
has not blown. Check that the shutoff
valve is in the "ON" position. Check
operation again.
If a surface burner, grille or griddle does
not light at this point, contact your
KitchenAid dealer for assistance.
Adjusting the surface burner or
grille flame:
NOTE: There is no adjustment for the
griddle flame. Gas flow is at 100%,
temperature is controlled by thermostat.
Push in and turn each control knob to the
"LO" position. The "LO" setting of each
burner has been factory set to the lowest
position available to provide reliable
reignition of the burner. If it does not stay
lit on the "LO" position, check "LO"
position as follows:
a. Turn control knob to "LITE" until burner
b. Quickly turn control knob down to "LO"
c. If burner goes out, readjust valve as
Remove control knob. Insert a flat-blade
screwdriver into the hollow valve stem
and engage the slotted screw. Flame size
can be increased or decreased by turning
the screw. Adjust flame until you can
quickly turn control knob from "HI" to "LO"
position without extinguishing the flame.
Flame should be as small as possible
without going out.
typical surface
burner flame at
highest setting
Check flame on "HI" for a blue
color. It should be clean and soft in
character. No yellow tip, blowing or lifting
of flame should occur. Occasional orange
flashes are normal and reflect different
elements in the air or gas.
Check operation of oven
element. Turn oven selector to "BAKE".
"350F" will show on display. Press "Enter".
First Preheat light comes on when oven
temperature begins to rise. When second
Preheat light comes on, open oven door
and hold hand above oven floor and feel
for heat. Do not touch oven floor. Press
"Cancel" and turn oven selector to
Check the operation of the
broiler element. Turn oven selector to
"BROIL". "HI" will show on display. Press
"Enter". Look through oven window. The
top element should glow red and heat
should be radiating out of the door. Press
"Cancel" and turn oven selector to
If the oven does not operate, check that
power supply is turned on, that no fuses
are blown, or circuit breakers tripped. If
the oven still does not operate, contact
your KitchenAid dealer or designated
service company.
Reinstall lower vent by inserting
tabs into the slots on the front trim. Push
vent upward until the holes line up at top
of vent. Reattach the vent using the two
Place burner grates over
burner caps. The simmer plate may set
on one of the grates or be stored for
future use. (See Use and Care Guide.)
To get the most efficient use
from your new dual fuel range,
read your KitchenAid Use and
Care Guide. Keep Installation
Instructions and Guide close to
the range for easy reference.



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