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High Sensitivity Mode; Picture Effect - Sony SRG-120DH Technical Manual

Hd color video camera.
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High Sensitivity Mode

In this mode, higher sensitivity gain is applied as
standard gain increases, reaching a gain level at MAX
gain of up to 4x the standard gain. In such cases,
however, there will be a high volume noise in the
Gamma Mode
In this mode, the gamma can be set to ON/OFF.
0: Standard
1: OFF
Auto Slow Shutter On/Off
When set to "On, " the slow shutter functions
automatically when the light darkens. This setting is
available only when the AE mode is set to "Full Auto. "
The default setting is "Auto Slow Shutter Off. "
Low-Illumination Chroma Suppress Mode
You can configure a chroma suppress mode for low-
illumination conditions. This can be useful when color
noise is particularly noticeable in such conditions.
Four levels (disabled and three levels) are available for
the low-illumination chroma suppress mode.
Color Gain
You can configure the color gain. Use this setting when
bright color is particularly important.
The initial setting 100% (4h) can be set to range from
approx. 60% (0h) to 200% (Eh) with 15 stages.
Color Phase
You can configure green, yellow, red, magenta, blue and
cyan individually.
The initial setting 0 degrees (7h) is adjustable between
14 degrees (0h) to +14 degrees (Eh), in
15 increments.
Camera ID
The ID can be set up to 65,536 (0000 to FFFF). As this
will be memorized in the nonvolatile memory inside,
data will be saved.

Picture Effect

It consists of the following functions.
• Neg. Art: Negative/Positive Reversal
• Black & White: Monochrome Image
Check for influence of installation
environment on infrared remote commander
The supplied infrared remote commander may not
operate, only occasionally, in the vicinity of the inverter
lighting device. In this case, it is possible that the
camera is installed in a place where the infrared remote
commander cannot stably receive light due to the
emission of light from the lighting device.
In either the DC power or VISCA communication, it is
judged whether or not the infrared remote commander
is under the installation environment where it can
receive signal during the initialization process
performed after the power of camera is turned on.
The result of this judgment can be obtained using the
IR_ConditionInq command. (See page 39.)
If the installation environment is judged to be unstable
for operating the infrared remote commander, try to
take such measures as to install this unit in a place
away from the lighting device having the influence, and
so on.
Sends the power off command. Or when the power is turned
off using the infrared remote commander, the camera
becomes STANDBY state. In the STANDBY state, the
camera can accept only the VISCA Commands and the
POWER ON of the infrared remote commander, and the
video signal output and other operations are stopped.
I/F Clear
Clears the Command buffer of the camera.
The buffer is cleared even during the power on state using
the control software.
Basic Functions


Table of Contents

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