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Kobalt K12RS-06A User Manual page 11

12-amp orbital reciprocating saw
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Your reciprocating saw is ideal for plunge cutting directly
into surfaces that cannot be cut from an edge, such as
walls or floors. Plunge cutting may be performed two ways,
depending on how the blade is inserted.
Column A shows how to plunge cut with the teeth of the
blade facing down. Column B shows how to plunge cut
with the teeth of the blade facing up.
WARNING: Do not plunge cut into metal surfaces.
1. Disconnect the saw from the power source.
2. Make sure that the workpiece is firmly clamped in
3. Use the appropriate type and size of blade for the
workpiece material and size.
4. Insert the blade into the tool.
5. Adjust the shoe as necessary to make sure that the
blade will extend beyond the shoe and the workpiece at
all times.
6. Adjust the shoe as necessary to expose unworn blade teeth for longer blade life.
7. Check for clearance behind the workpiece so that the blade will not impact another surface.
8. Connect the plug to a power source.
9. If the blade is inserted with the teeth facing downward, hold the tool as shown in Column A,
resting the edge of the shoe on the workpiece.
10. With the blade just above the workpiece, depress the lock-off button and trigger switch to
start the saw and bring it to the maximum desired cutting speed. Then, using the edge of the
shoe as a pivot, lower the blade into the workpiece.
11. As the blade starts cutting, raise the handle of the tool slowly, until the shoe rests firmly on the
12. After the blade has penetrated through the workpiece, continue sawing along the marked cutting line.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of explosion, electric shock and property damage, always check
the work area for hidden gas pipes, electrical wires or water pipes when making blind or plunge
WARNING: To avoid loss of control and serious injury, make sure that the blade reaches
maximum speed before touching it to the workpiece.
WARNING: Do not make plunge cuts in metal materials.

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