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Kobalt K12RS-06A User Manual page 10

12-amp orbital reciprocating saw
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WARNING: Before connecting the tool to a power
source, always check to determine that the switch
performs properly and returns to the "OFF" position when
WARNING: Hold the tool only by the plastic handle
and the insulated grip area to help prevent electrical
shock. You may encounter electrical wiring when sawing
into walls or floors. Sawing into a "live" wire will cause
electric shock.
1. Unplug the saw from the power source.
2. Make sure that the workpiece is firmly clamped in
3. Use the appropriate type and size of blade for the
workpiece material and size.
4. Adjust the shoe as necessary to make sure that the blade will extend beyond the workpiece at
all times.
5. Adjust the shoe as necessary to expose unworn blade teeth for longer blade life.
6. Check for clearance behind the workpiece so that the blade will not impact another surface.
7. Mark the line of cut clearly. If cutting metal, apply cutting oil to the line.
8. Connect the saw to an electrical outlet.
9. Hold the saw firmly with both hands. Make sure to keep your hands on the insulated gripping
areas only.
10. Depress the trigger switch to start the saw. Bring it to the maximum desired cutting speed before
applying the blade to the workpiece.
11. Place the shoe firmly on the workpiece while cutting. Use only enough steady pressure on the
blade to keep the saw cutting; do not force the tool.
12. Reduce pressure as the blade comes to the end of the cut.
13. Allow the saw to come to a complete stop before removing the blade from the workpiece.
14. If sawing fiberglass, plaster, wallboard, or spackling compound, clean the motor vents frequently
with a vacuum or compressed air. These materials are highly abrasive and may accelerate the
wear on motor bearings and brushes.
WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with the saw to make you careless. One careless fraction of a
second is enough to inflict serious injury.
NOTE: Cutting speeds should vary with the workpiece. Hard materials, such as metals, require
lower speeds; for softer materials use higher speeds.

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