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Useful Advice; Maintenance And Cleaning - Black & Decker JE400 User Manual

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Table of Contents
1. Place the appliance on a flat, stable surface
and connect it to the electrical supply.
2. Select the required speed (l or ll) using the
rotary switch.
3. Remove the pusher & add the ingredients,
using the pusher to guide the ingredients
onto the blades.
While you are preparing juice, you can empty
the pulp container by switching the appliance off
and carefully removing the pulp container.
Note: Reassemble the empty pulp container
before you continue juicing.
4. When juicing is completed, return the control
to the O (off) position.
The appliance should be disconnected
from the mains supply before
removing the jug.
The Juicer should not be run for longer than 1
Minute. After each 1 Minute use, the Juicer
should be allowed to cool for at least 1 minute.
After 3 consecutive cycles the juicer must be
allowed to cool for 15 minutes before further

Useful advice

• Wash the fruit carefully before juicing.
• Use fresh fruit and vegetables, as they
contain more juice. Pineapples, celery stalks,
apples, cucumbers, carrots, melons,
tomatoes, oranges and grapes are
particularly suitable for processing in the
juice extractor.
• You do not need to remove the peels or
skins. You only need to peel fruit with thick
skin: citrus fruit, pineapple (remove the
centre stalk).
• Fruits that contain starch, such as bananas,
papayas, avocados, figs, strawberries and
mangoes are not suitable for processing in
the juice extractor. Use a food processor,
blender or stick blender to process these
• The juicer is not suitable for processing very
hard and/or fibrous/starchy fruits or
vegetables such as sugar cane.
• Choose fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, they
will yield more juice.
• Drink the juice immediately after you have
extracted it. If it is exposed to air for some
time, the juice will lose its taste and
nutritional value.
• To extract the maximum amount of juice,
always press the pusher down slowly.
Maintenance & cleaning
• Switch the appliance off, remove the plug
from the wall socket and wait until the rotary
sieve has stopped rotating before cleaning,
changing accessories or approaching parts
that move during use.
• The appliance is easier to clean if you do so
immediately after use.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning agents,
scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean the
• All detachable parts, except the rotary sieve,
are dishwasher-safe. The rotary sieve should
be washed by hand.


Table of Contents

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