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Black & Decker JE400 User Manual page 5

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Table of Contents
Labels on appliance
The following warning symbols are found on the
Warning! Allow moving parts to come
to a stop before approaching.
1. Wash all detachable parts (see chapter
'Maintenance and cleaning').
2. Place the juice collector into the appliance
and place the pulp container into the
3. Put the rotary sieve in the juice collector and
hold the lid over the rotary sieve and lower it
into position.
4. Make sure the rotary sieve is fitted securely
onto the driving shaft ('click').
5. Always check the rotary sieve before use. If
you detect any cracks or damage, do not use
the appliance and contact the nearest
service centre or take the appliance to your
6. Lock the clamp onto the lid to lock it into
place ('click') and slide the pusher into the
feeding tube by aligning the groove in the
pusher with the small protrusion on the
inside of the feeding tube. Never insert your
fingers or an object into the feeding tube.
7. Place the juice jug under the spout.
8. Place the lid on the juice jug to avoid
splattering or if you want to store the juice in
the refrigerator.


Table of Contents

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