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Maintenance - Black & Decker LCJ82 User Manual

1.5 litre lifestyle citrus juicer
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This appliance includes some or all of the following
features (fig. A).
1. Lid
2. Sieve control
3. Spout
4. Upper Reamer
5. Lower Reamer
6. Handle
7. Jug
8. Base
9. Viewing window
10. Upper sieve
11. Lower sieve
12. Spindle
Assembly (See Figures D & E)
This appliance is supplied fully assembled & only
requires parts to be cleaned before use.
See "Cleaning" for details.
Fit the jug (7) onto the base (8) & rotate the jug in a
clock-wise direction until it locks in place.
Place the lower sieve (11) into the jug, with the
sieve control (2) located in the recess in the jug.
Fit the upper sieve (10) by first locating the tab into
the slot in the lower sieve.
Place the lower reamer (5) over the spindle (12) and
push it down so it snaps into position in the lower
When required, the upper reamer (4) can be
positioned on top of the lower reamer. The 2
recesses in the upper reamer must fit over the tabs
of the lower reamer.
Use (See Figures B & C)
Prepare the fruit by rolling it gently between the
hands for a moment or two then cut it in half.
Push the sieve control to the right to open the
sieve. This will allow the juice to flow into the jug
below. At the fully open position, some pieces of
the fruit may also fall into the jug. The gap can be
varied as required.
Connect the appliance to a suitable electrical
Press the cut face onto the reamer. Pressing on the
reamer will start the motor in the base. The reamer
will rotate, cutting into the fruit and the juice will
flow into the jug.
Note: Ensure fingers & hands do not touch the
reamer during operation. Never allow loose
clothing, jewellery, hair, etc. to come in contact with
moving parts.
The amount of juice in the jug can be viewed
through the window (9).
Once juicing is completed, the lid (1) can be placed
over the unit.
The jug can be removed & used to serve the juice.
Note: Do not run the appliance for more than 10
times continuously. After 3 minutes of continuous
use, allow the appliance to cool for 15s before
further usage.


Your Black & Decker tool has been designed to
operate over a long period of time with a minimum
of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation
depends upon proper tool care and regular
Warning! Before performing any maintenance or
cleaning of the tool, disconnect the appliance from
the power supply.
Ventilation slots should be cleaned occasionally
with a clean, dry paint brush.
Lift the lid (1) and outer reamer (5) from the jug then
remove the lower reamer (4) and upper sieve
assembly. These parts are loosely fastened together
& can be separated to facilitate cleaning.
The lower sieve can also be removed.
The jug (7) can be removed from the base by
rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction and lifting it.
The base (8) should be cleaned with a clean damp
cloth only & dried thoroughly before re-use.
All other parts should be washed in warm soapy
water. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly
with a dry soft cloth.
Note: Do not use abrasives or chemical cleaners on
any part of this appliance.
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