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Car Kit Installation - Nokia CK-600 Quick Manual And Safety Information

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2. Car kit installation

For instructions on installing the car kit parts in a vehicle, refer to the
user and installation guide. Observe the following safety guidelines
when installing the car kit.
• Only a qualified service technician should install or service the car kit
using the approved original Nokia parts supplied in the sales
package. Faulty installation or service may be dangerous and may
invalidate any warranty which may apply to the car kit.
End users should remember that the car kit comprises of complex
technical equipment that requires professional installation using
special tools and expert know-how.
• Instructions given in this guide are general guidelines that apply to
the installation of the car kit in an automobile. However, due to the
wide variety of car types and models available on the market, this
guide cannot consider the individual technical requirements relevant
for any particular vehicle. Contact the vehicle manufacturer for
detailed information about the vehicle in question.
• The car kit is suitable for use only in a vehicle with a 12-V, negative
grounding. Use on other supply voltages or alternative polarity will
damage the equipment.
• Remember that modern automotive systems include onboard
computers where key vehicle parameters are stored. Improper
disconnection of the car battery may cause loss of data,
necessitating extensive effort for reinitialisation of the system. If you
have any concerns, contact your car dealer before any installation
work is done.
• Do not wire the car kit equipment to the high-voltage lines of the
ignition system.
• When installing the parts of the car kit, ensure that none of them
interfere with or hinder the steering or braking systems or other
controls or systems used in the operation of the vehicle (for example,
airbags). Ensure that the car kit and any of its components are not
C a r k i t i n s t a l l a t i o n