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Technical Data; Guarantee Certificate Ireland - Siemens Gigaset Repeater Setup & User Manual

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Technical data

Radio frequency range:
Transmit power:
Power supply:
Power consumption:
Operating temperature:
Dimensions (mm):
Power cable length:

Guarantee Certificate Ireland

Without prejudice to any claim the user (customer) may have in relation to the dealer
or retailer, the customer shall be granted a manufacturer's Guarantee under the con-
ditions set out below:
In the case of new devices and their components exhibiting defects resulting from ma-
nufacturing and/or material faults within 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at its
own option and free of charge, either replace the device with another device reflecting
the current state of the art, or repair the said device. In respect of parts subject to wear
and tear (including but not limited to, batteries, keypads, casing), this warranty shall
be valid for six months from the date of purchase.
This Guarantee shall be invalid if the device defect is attributable to improper care or
use and/or failure to comply with information contained in the user manuals. In parti-
cular claims under the Guarantee cannot be made if:
- The device is opened (this is classed as third party intervention)
- Repairs or other work is done by persons not authorised by Siemens.
- Components on the printed circuit board are manipulated
- The software is manipulated
- Defects or damage caused by dropping, breaking, lightning or ingress of moisture.
This also applies if defects or damage was caused by mechanical, chemical, radio
interference or thermal factors (e.g.: microwave, sauna etc.)
- Devices fitted with accessories not authorised by Siemens
This Guarantee shall not apply to or extend to services performed by the authorised
dealer or the customer themselves (e.g. installation, configuration, software down-
loads). User manuals and any software supplied on a separate data medium shall be
excluded from the Guarantee.
The purchase receipt, together with the date of purchase, shall be required as evidence
for invoking the Guarantee. Claims under the Guarantee must be submitted within
two months of the Guarantee default becoming evident.
Compatible to DECT, GAP
1880 MHz - 1900 MHz
10 mW average power per channel
max. 300 m outdoors,
max. 50 m indoors
220/230 V, 50 Hz (plug-in power unit)
6 VA
-10 °C to + 50°C
131 x 111 x 50 (LxBxH)
136 g
approx. 3 m



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