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GreatLite Tactical E66 Operating Instructions And Parts Manual: Operating Instructions; Battery Replacement

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Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

oPerAtING INstrUCtIoNs

- Basic operation: Slightly touch the side switch to turn on the flashlight.
- One touch of the side switch makes 100% luminance, a second touch of the switch makes 50% luminance,
one more touch of the switch makes 25% luminance, one more touch of the switch makes flash mode and
a last touch of the switch makes SOS mode.
bAtterY rePLACemeNt
1. Screw off the tail and install the battery. Note that the positive pole of the battery shall align with the head,
and then screw down the tail. Uses (2) "D" batteries.
- Please do not dismantle the sealing parts at the head, otherwise, it will lead to invalid repair and even destroy the
- Please use quality batteries only. When the flashlight is not to be used for a long period of time, take out the
battery, otherwise, the flashlight may be destroyed due to leakage or explosion of poor quality batteries.
- After a long period of use, the o-ring of the flashlight may wear out. In this case, please replace the o-ring to
maintain the water-proof performance of the flashlight.
- Frequently clean the flashlight surface, particularly the tail switch.
- If the flashlight flashes abnormally or does not come on, it may be caused by the following:
- Reason 1: Low battery power.
Solution: Replace the battery (note positive and negative poles when installing the new batteries.)
- Reason 2: The conduction contact surface or other contact surface/point of the thread or the PCB is dirty.
Solution: Use alcohol cotton swabs to clean the conduction contact surface or point.
If the above methods do not work, please contact GreatLite customer service.
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