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Oven Door; Warming Drawer - KitchenAid KDRS807 Use And Care Manual

Architect series ii dual fuel range
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Oven Door

For normal range use, it is not suggested to remove the oven
door. However, if removal is necessary, make sure the oven is off
and cool. Then, follow these instructions. The oven door is heavy.
To Remove:
1. Open oven door all the way.
2. Flip up the hinge latch on each side.
3. Close the oven door as far as it will shut.
4. Lift the oven door while holding both sides.
Continue to push the oven door closed and pull it away from
the oven door frame.
To Replace:
1. Insert both hanger arms into the door.
2. Open the oven door.
You should hear a "click" as the door is set into place.
3. Move the hinge levers back to the locked position. Check
that the door is free to open and close. If it is not, repeat the
removal and installation procedures.

Warming Drawer

(on some models)
Remove all items from inside the warming drawer, and allow the
unit to cool completely before attempting to remove the drawer.
To Remove:
1. Open drawer to its full open position.
2. Locate the black loops on both sides of the drawer.
3. Pull both loops forward at the same time, then pull drawer out
another inch.
4. Holding the drawer by its sides, not its front, gently pull it all
the way out.
To Replace:
1. Align the drawer glides with the receiving guides.
2. Push drawer in all the way.
3. Gently open and close the drawer to ensure it is seated
properly on the slides.
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