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Point Zoom - NEC E705 User Manual

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Using "SET/POINT ZOOM" button on a remote control allows to enlarge a partial of image.
Press CH+/- button to zoom up or down. The image can be expanded from 1 to 10 times.
1 Press [SET/POINT ZOOM] button on a remote control. An icon will be a magnifier.
2 Move magnifier icon by [ ] [ ] [+] [-] button.
3 Press [CH+] to zoom up. Press [CH-] to zoom down.
4 Press [SET/POINT ZOOM] to disappear the icon.
5 Press [EXIT] to return to a normal size.
6 Press [MENU] to display OSD menu.<Setting Procedure>
• The image may be distorted during this function.
• This function does not work when set to PIP, POP, PBP, SCREEN SAVER, SUPER in INPUT
• When selected DYNAMIC or ZOOM in ASPECT, the image will be changed FULL, then start to POINT ZOOM.
After POINT ZOOM, the ASPECT will be returned previous ASPECT settings. When the ASPECT is changed
during POINT ZOOM, DYNAMIC and ZOOM will be FULL image.
• The magnifier icon does not move to no image area.
• POINT ZOOM will be released after changing input signal or power off.
• POINT ZOOM will be released when setting IMAGE FLIP or changing ASPECT setting during POINT ZOOM.


Table of Contents

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