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Cleaning The Phone; Understanding Lines Vs. Calls; Understanding Line And Call Icons - Cisco 7920 Phone Manual

Unified wireless ip phone for cisco unified callmanager 5.0 (sccp)
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Cleaning the Phone

Gently wipe the phone screen and phone with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any liquids or powders on
the phone. Using anything other than a soft, dry cloth can contaminate phone components and cause

Understanding Lines vs. Calls

To avoid confusion about lines and calls, refer to these descriptions:
• Lines—Each corresponds to a directory number that others can use to call you. The Cisco Unified
Wireless IP Phone 7920 supports up to six lines. To see how many lines you have, look at right
side of your phone screen. You have as many lines as you have directory numbers.
• Calls—Each line can support multiple calls. Your phone supports up to two connected calls per
line, but your system administrator can adjust this number according to your needs. Only one call
can be active at any time; other calls are automatically placed on hold.
The screen can display only four lines or calls. You might have to scroll down to see additional
lines or calls.

Understanding Line and Call Icons

Your phone displays icons to help you determine the line and call state.
Line or call state
On-hook line
Connected call
Incoming call
Call on hold
Call forward
No call activity on this line.
You are connected to the other party.
A call is ringing on one of your lines.
You have put this call on hold. See the "Using Hold and Resume"
section on page 30.
You have forwarded your primary line. See the "Forwarding All
Calls to Another Number" section on page 33.



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