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How To Use - Black & Decker VC50 Use And Care Book Manual

Aspiradoras - series vc50-vc80
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POLARIZED PLUG (120V Models Only)
This appliance has a polarized plug — one blade is wider than the other. To reduce the
risk of electric shock, this plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse it. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified
electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature by modifying the plug in any

How To Use

1. Insert the Swivel Hose connection by pushing it
into the Vacuum canister until it clicks/locks into
place. (A1 & A2)
2. Fit the 2 Extension Tubes together by pushing the
thin end of one into the wide end of the other. You
may have to twist the Tubes slightly for a firm fit.
Push the assembled Extension Tubes onto the end
of the Swivel Hose (see Parts Illus.).
3. Attach the Sweeper or other accessories to the
lower Extension Tube as needed. You may want to
attach the Crevice Tool directly to the end of the
Swivel Hose when vacuuming between furniture
cushions. For VC50: Pull the 2-in-1 Accessory off
the Clip on the Extension Tube and remove the
Dusting Brush accessory to use the Crevice Tool.
For both models: the Sweeper is designed for use
on hard floors and carpets. Use the foot pedal to
switch the Sweeper for floors (
carpets (
). For hard floors (wood, tile,
cement), use the setting with the brushes down.
4. Pull out the power cord and plug it into a standard
outlet. Press the On/Off Pedal with your foot to
start and stop the vacuum. For 220V models:
These models are double insulated and do not need grounding.
5. For VC80: Adjust the suction power by sliding the
Variable Suction Control to MIN or MAX (B). For
example, you may want to use MIN suction
control with the Dusting Brush accessory when
dusting lamp shades or table tops, use MAX
suction with the Sweeper accessory on carpets or
hard floors.
6. A Dust Bag "Full" Indicator will appear in color in the window of the canister lid
when the Dust Bag is full (see "Parts" Illustration). When this happens, the vacuum
will lose some suction power and the Dust Bag should be emptied. See "Cleaning &
7. When finished vacuuming, press the On/Off Foot Pedal to turn the Vacuum Off and
unplug. Press the Retractable Cord Pedal with your foot and the cord will wind into
the unit. CAUTION: The cord moves fast when retracting. Stand clear of the cord as it
rewinds so it does not swing into you as it retracts. See "Cleaning & Storage."
) or
1. NOTE: Always turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning. Carpet freshener or fine
powder can clog the bag and cause it to burst if too full. The Dust Bag Full Indicator
will alert you that airflow may be blocked or your Dust Bag needs to be emptied. Also
check the Dust Filter and Micro-Air Filter regularly to see if they need cleaning (see
#6 below).
2. To empty the reusable cloth Dust Bag, for VC80:
press the Release Latch at the front of the unit and
lift the canister lid. For VC50: Pull up on the
Release Latch at the front of the unit and lift the
canister lid. (C1 & C2)
3. For VC80: Carefully remove the Dust Bag by
grasping it at the collar, sliding it up the track
guides, and lifting it out of the unit. For VC50: Pull
the Dust Bag Latch forward, grab the bag collar
and carefully remove the Dust Bag (see C1 & C2).
Slide the Dust Bag Clip off and empty the bag into
the trash. Slide the Dust Bag Clip
back into place before replacing the
bag in the canister.
4. The cloth Dust Bag may be hand-
washed with soap and water. Hang it
up to air dry thoroughly before
replacing it in the vacuum.
5. To replace the bag, for VC80: slide
the Dust Bag collar all the way down
into the track guides. For VC50: Pull
the Dust Bag Latch back and clip it
onto the collar of the Dust Bag. Be
sure to fit the hole in the collar of the
Bag over the opening on the inside of the vacuum canister. For both models, close
the vacuum lid and be sure it latches shut before operating.
6. Both models are equipped with 2 filters. A Dust Filter, which helps prevent dust from
getting into the motor, is located on the inside of the canister and visible once you
remove the Dust Bag. A Micro-Air Filter
is located under the Vent at the back of
the unit to help filter out dust particles
that may escape into the air. These
should be washed every few months
and should be replaced after a few
7. To clean or replace the Dust Filter, open
the vacuum canister lid. Remove the
Dust Bag as explained for your model,
and pull the filter holder straight up out
of the canister (D). Shake debris into a
trash can or use a small whisk broom or
sweep away particles. Wash the filter in soap and water. Allow it to air dry
completely before replacing it in the Vac.
Dust Bag
Dust Bag
Dust Filter



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