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Warning Indicators And Messages - Sony Handycam DCR-PC330 Operation Manual

Digital video camera recorder.
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Warning indicators
and messages
Self-diagnosis display/Warning indicators
If indicators appear on the screen or in the viewfinder, check the following. See the page in parentheses
for details.
C:ss:ss/E:ss:ss (Self-
diagnosis display)
101-0001 (Warning indicator
pertaining to files)
E (Battery level warning)
% (Moisture condensation warning)* cEject the cassette, set the POWER switch to (CHG) OFF, and leave it for
(Warning indicator pertaining
to Cassette Memory)*
(Warning indicator pertaining to
the "Memory Stick")
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Cause and/or Corrective Actions
Some symptoms can be fixed by yourself. If the problem persists even after
you tried a couple of times, contact your Sony dealer or local authorized
Sony service facility.
cA battery pack that is not an "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack is being used.
Use an "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack. (p. 119)
cMoisture condensation has occurred. Remove the cassette and leave your
camcorder for at least one hour, then re-insert the cassette. (p. 122)
cClean the head using a cleaning cassette (optional). (p. 123)
C:31ss / C:32ss
cSymptoms that are not described above have occurred. Remove and
insert the cassette, then operate your camcorder again. Do not perform
this procedure if moisture starts to condense. (p. 122)
cRemove the power source. Reconnect it again and operate your
camcorder again.
cChange the tape.
E:20:ss / E:61:ss / E:62:ss / E:91:ss
cContact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.
Inform them of the 5-digit code, which starts from "E."
• The file is damaged.
• The file is unreadable.
• You are trying to carry out the MEMORY MIX function on a movie
(p. 41).
• The battery pack is nearly used up.
• Depending on the operating, environmental, or battery conditions, the
E indicator may flash, even if there are approximately 5 to 10 minutes
about 1 hour with the cassette lid open (p. 122).
• No cassette with Cassette Memory is inserted (p. 116).
Slow flashing:
• No "Memory Stick" is inserted.
Fast flashing:
• The picture cannot be recorded on the "Memory Stick."*


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