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Sony Handycam DCR-PC330 Operation Manual Page 106

Digital video camera recorder.
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If you are using a "Memory Stick" for recording, refer also to the "Memory Stick" section. (p. 108)
The tape does not start when you
The power abruptly turns off.
The SteadyShot does not function.
The auto focus does not function.
A vertical band appears when
recording candlelight or electric light
in the dark.
A vertical band appears when
recording a bright subject.
Tiny spots in white, red, blue, or
green appear on the screen.
The color of the picture is not
correctly displayed.
Picture appears too bright on the
screen, and the subject does not
appear on the screen.
The shutter sound is not heard.
Black bands appear when you record
a TV screen or computer screen.
The external flash (optional) does not
Flickering or changes in color occurs. cThis occurs when recording pictures under a fluorescent lamp, sodium
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Cause and/or Corrective Actions
cSlide the POWER switch to turn on the CAMERA-TAPE lamp. (p. 16)
cThe tape has reached the end. Rewind it, or insert a new cassette.
cSet the write-protect tab to REC or insert a new cassette. (p. 116)
cThe tape is stuck to the drum due to moisture condensation. Remove the
cassette and leave your camcorder for at least one hour, then re-insert the
cassette. (p. 122)
• [A.SHUT OFF] in the
(p. 81)
cWhen approximately 5 minutes have elapsed while you do not operate
your camcorder, the camcorder is automatically turned off.
Slide the POWER switch down to turn the power on again. (p. 16) Or
use the AC Adaptor.
• The battery pack is discharged. (p. 13)
cSet [STEADYSHOT] to [ON] in the
cPress FOCUS to enable auto focus. (p. 36)
cThe recording conditions are not suitable for auto focus. Adjust the focus
manually. (p. 36)
• This occurs when the contrast between the subject and the background is
too high. This is not a malfunction.
• This phenomenon is called the smear effect. This is not a malfunction.
• The spots appear when you are recording in [SLOW SHUTTR], Super
NightShot, or Color Slow Shutter. This is not a malfunction. (p. 34)
cDeactivate the NightShot function. (p. 34)
cDeactivate the NightShot function in bright places. (p. 34)
cCancel the back light function. (p. 32)
cSet [BEEP] to [MELODY] or [NORMAL] on the
SET) menu. (p. 80)
cSet [STEADYSHOT] to [OFF] on the
(p. 63)
• The power of the flash is not turned on, or the flash is not attached
• Two or more flashes are attached. Only one external flash can be
lamp, or mercury lamp in the soft portrait or sports lesson mode. Cancel
[PROGRAM AE] in this case. (p. 58)
(STANDARD SET) menu is set to [5 min].
(CAMERA SET) menu. (p. 63)
(CAMERA SET) menu.


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