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Mitsubishi Electric FR-B-750 to 75K Instruction Manual Page 152

Fr-b-750 to 75k (200v class), fr-b-750 to 110k (400v class).
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*1 Not needed when the operation panel (FR-DU07) or parameter unit (FR-PU04
This resistor is used when calibration must be made near the frequency meter for such a reason as a remote frequency meter.
Note that the needle of the frequency meter may not deflect to full-scale when the calibration resistor is connected. In this case, use this
resistor and operation panel or parameter unit together.
*2 The initial setting is 1mA full-scale and 1440 pulse/s teminal FM frequency at 60Hz.
High speed pulse train output circuit
(connection example with a pulse counter)
Pull up resistance *
Pulse when Pr. 291 = "10, 11"
Hi *
Pulse when Pr. 291 = "20, 21, 100"
Approx. 10µs
Hi *
High speed pulse train output specifications
Output method
Voltage between a collector and emitter
Maximum permissible load current
Output pulse rate
Output resolution
* The output pulse rate is 50kpps when a monitor output value is 100%.
⋅ Input specifications of terminal JOG (pulse train input or contact input) can be selected with Pr. 291.
Change the setting value using care not to change input specifications of terminal JOG. (Refer to page 239 for pulse train input.)
⋅ After changing a setting value of Pr. 291, connect a meter between terminal FM and SD. Take care that a voltage should not be
applied to terminal FM when FM output (voltage output) pulse train is selected.
⋅ The FM output of the inverter can not be connected to devices which have source logic type pulse input.
When high speed pulse train output (Pr. 291 = "10, 11, 20, 21, 100") is
selected, performing parameter all clear returns the Pr. 291 setting to the
initial value of "0", changing the terminal FM output from high speed pulse
train output to FM output (voltage output).
• When Pr. 291 Pulse train I/O selection = "10, 11, 20, 21, 100",
high speed pulse train is output by open collector output.
Pulse train of maximum of 55k pulses/s is output.
Pulse counter
Two types of pulse width, 50% Duty and fixed ON width, are
available. Adjustment by calibration parameter C0 (Pr. 900)
FM terminal calibration can not be performed.
* When the output wiring length is long, a pulse shape is deformed due to the stray
capacitances of the wiring and output pulse can not be recognized. If the wiring
length is long, connect the open collector output signal and the power supply using
an external pull up resistance.
Check specifications of a pulse counter for a resistance value to pull up. Select an
appropriate resistance value so that the load current is 80mA or less.
• When Pr. 291 = "10, 11", the pulse cycle is 50% Duty (ON
width and OFF width are the same).
• When Pr. 291 = "20, 21, 100", fixed ON width of pulse is out-
put (approx. 10µs).
• When the setting value is "100", the pulse train from the
pulse train input (terminal JOG) is output as is. Use this
value for synchronous speed operation of multiple inverters.
Approx. 10µs
(Refer to page 239)
* Hi indicates that the open collector output transistor is on.
NPN open collector output
30V (max)
0 to 55kpps
3pps (excluding a jitter)
Monitor display and monitor output signal
) is used for calibration.
FM output circuit
Open collector output circuit
0, 1
Terminal FM
10, 11,
20, 21, 100


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