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Mitsubishi Electric FR-B-750 to 75K Instruction Manual Page 112

Fr-b-750 to 75k (200v class), fr-b-750 to 110k (400v class).
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(3) When using the high power factor converter (MT-HC) (FR-B-75K or more)
When using the high power factor converter (MT-HC), another explosion-proof test is necessary.
Note, however, that the test is not necessary when using the high power factor converter for power factor
⋅ Set "2" in Pr. 30. The Pr. 70 setting is made invalid.
⋅ Use any of Pr. 178 to Pr. 189 (input terminal function assignment) to assign the following signals to the contact input
(a)X10 signal: MT-HC connection
To make protective coordination with the MT-HC, use the inverter operation enable signal to shut off the
inverter output. Input the RDY signal of the MT-HC.
(b)X11 signal: MT-HC connection (instantaneous power failure detection signal)
When the setting has been made to hold the mode at occurrence of an instantaneous power failure for RS-
485 communication operation, use this signal to hold the mode. Input the Y1 or Y2 signal (instantaneous
power failure detection signal) of the MT-HC.
⋅ For the terminal used for X10 or X11 signal input, assign its function by setting "10" (X10) or "11" (X11) in any of Pr.
178 to Pr. 189.
(4) Regenerative brake duty alarm output and alarm signal (RBP signal)
100%: regenerative overvoltage protection operation value
Ratio of brake duty
to the Pr. 70 setting
brake prealarm
⋅ The MRS signal can also be used instead of the X10 signal. (Refer to page 121.)
⋅ Refer to pages 34 to 37 for the connection of brake unit, high power factor converter (MT-HC).
⋅ Changing the terminal assignment using Pr. 178 to Pr. 189 (input terminal function selection) or Pr. 190 to Pr. 196 (output terminal
function selection) may affect the other functions. Please make setting after confirming the function of each terminal. (Refer to page
The value set in Pr. 70 must not exceed the setting of the brake resistor used.
Otherwise, the resistor can overheat.
♦ Parameters referred to ♦
Pr. 57 Restart coasting time
Pr. 178 to Pr.189 (input terminal function selection)
Pr. 190 to Pr.196 (output terminal function selection)
Pr. 261 Power failure stop selection
Refer to page 148
Refer to page 118
Refer to page 125
Refer to page 152
Motor brake and stop operation
⋅ [RB] appears on the operation panel and an alarm signal (RBP) is
output when 85% of the regenerative brake duty set in Pr. 70 is
reached. If the regenerative brake duty reaches 100% of the Pr.
70 setting, a regenerative overvoltage (E.OV1 to E.OV3) occurs.
⋅ The inverter does not shut off the output when the alarm signal is
⋅ For the terminal used for the RBP signal output, assign the
function by setting "7" (positive logic) or "107" (negative logic) in
any of Pr. 190 to Pr. 196 (output terminal function selection).


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