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Rotisserie Cooking Tips; Rotisserie Chart - KitchenAid Architect KBGS274SSS0 Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

27” (68.6 cm) and 36” (91.4 cm) architect series outdoor grills


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Rotisserie Cooking Tips

(Rotisserie available on some models)
Food Poisoning Hazard
Do not let food sit on rotisserie for more than one hour
before or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.
Rotisserie cooking rotates food in front of the rotisserie burner,
creating an intense heat for searing the outside and sealing in
natural juices.
• The rotisserie burner reaches cooking temperatures in about one
minute. Do not preheat when using the rotisserie.
• Select tender meat and poultry.
• Allow at least 1 inch space between rotisserie burner and the
• To make cleanup easier, place a pan under the food to catch
• The cover can be opened or closed, but when using the rotis-
serie with the smoker the cover should be closed.
• Add barbecue sauce or glaze only during the last 10 minutes of
cooking to prevent sauce from burning.

Rotisserie Chart

Rotisserie Chart
• Use a portable meat thermometer to check internal doneness of the item.
• Turn off rotisserie burner when meat thermometer reads 5°F lower than desired
internal temperature. Continue rotating, hood closed, for 10 minutes before carving.
• Timing is affected by weather conditions such as wind and outside temperature.
Rib Eye
Sirloin Tip
Rib, boneless
Turkey, whole
Boneless Leg
Loin roast,
Internal Doneness
or Temperature (°F)
4-6 lbs.
Med-Rare (145°F)
Medium (160°F)
3-6 lbs.
breast (170°F)
thigh (180°F)
7-10 lbs.
breast (170°F)
thigh (180°F)
4-7 lbs.
Medium (160°F)
4-6 lbs.
Medium (160°F)
Trussing Poultry for the Rotisserie
1. Load the spit rod by sliding one of the forks on the rod, with the
prongs facing away from the rod handle. Tighten the screw to
keep it from slipping.
2. Push the rod through the center of the bird.
3. Cut 24" of kitchen twine and center it under the bird, breast
side up.
4. Wrap each end of the twine around the wings; catch each wing
tip. Bring the twine tightly together at the top of the breast and
knot. Do not cut off the extra twine.
5. Cut another 20 inches of string and lay it under the back of the
bird. Wrap it around the tail then around the spit rod, cinching
6. Cross the legs on top of spit rod; tie twine around the crossed
7. Connect the twine holding the legs to the twine holding the
wings and knot. Cut off any bits of hanging twine.
8. Slide the second fork pushing the tines into the drumsticks.
9. Center the food and forks on the rod and tighten the thumb-
screws. The bird should not rotate or be loose in any way.
Grilling Time
15-20 min. per lb.
20-25 min. per lb.
25-30 min. per lb.
11-20 min. per lb.
20-25 min. per lb.
20-23 min. per lb.


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