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Frequently Asked Questions - Light for Life UC3.400 User Manual

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• Please ship the Product freight prepaid and insured (5.11 assumes no
If 5.11 determines that the Product is defective, 5.11 will either replace the
Product or repair the Product. All determinations made by 5.11 will be within
5.11's sole discretion and will be final.
All returns by 5.11 in the United States will be sent using ground shipping;
shipments being returned to a P.O. Box will be made using U.S. Mail. All
returns to international customers will be sent using standard shipping.
State and International Laws
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state in the United States and in other
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why doesn't my flashlight seem to hold the charge as stated?
Q: Why doesn't my flashlight have the run time as stated brochure?
Q: Why won't my flashlight go into "high" mode?
Q: Why is the blue light on the charger only blinking slowly?
A: For best results, it is recommended that the flashlight's first charge cycle
be for 24 hours. Once this first charge cycle is complete, the flashlight will
perform at its optimum level. It is also recommended for the flashlight to
be periodically placed on the charger for 1 hour. The flashlight maintains
optimum performance when left on the charger when not in use.
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USA: 1.888.511.4LFL (4535) or
International: +46 40230080 or
responsibility for Products during shipment from the customer to our
Warranty Department and shipping charges are not refundable).
UC3.400 User Guide
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