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Using Several Handsets; Registering Handsets; On The Handset - Siemens Gigaset S685 IP User Manual

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Using several handsets

Registering handsets

You can register up to six handsets to your
base station.
You can register your Gigaset S67H/S68H
handset on up to four base stations.
When you register a new Gigaset handset,
the base station transfers the following
entries to its local directory to enable you
to use online directories on your new
Net Directory
for the currently active
online directory (page 129)
for the currently active
Yellow Pages
classified directory (page 129)
for the directory
Precondition: The handset can send and
receive directory entries (see handset
operating instructions).
Successful registration is acknowledged
with a
Data Transfer x entries received
this reason.
Please note:
– If a number of handsets are registered on
your base station, you can simultaneously
make two calls via the Internet and one via
the fixed line network. Up to two additional
internal connections are also possible.
– Selecting the connection via the talk key
(page 26) is not supported on GAP hand-
sets. Therefore, if you enter a number with-
out a line suffix and without defining a dial-
ling plan for the phone number, it will be
dialled via
Default Line
enter a "*" (star) at the end of the phone
number, it will be dialled via the non-
default connection.
– After registration, all the phone numbers
for the phone will be assigned to the hand-
set as receive numbers. It will use the fixed
line network number and the first VoIP
number as send numbers. For how to
change the assignments, see page 120.
(page 98). If you
Registering another Gigaset S67H/
S68H handset on the Gigaset S685/
S675 IP
Before you can use your handset, you
must register it to a base station.
You must initiate handset registration on
the handset and on the base station.
If the handset has been registered suc-
cessfully, the handset returns to idle sta-
tus. The handset's internal number is
shown in the display e.g.
repeat the procedure. Registration can
take up to one minute.
Select v
Register H/Set
Enter the system PIN of the base station
(the default is 0000) and press
display shows e.g.
Within the next 60 seconds, press and
hold (for approx. 3 seconds) the regis-
tration/paging key (page 2) on the
base station.
The handset is given the lowest available
internal number (1–6). If a number of
handsets are registered on the base sta-
tion, the internal number appears in the
display after registration, e.g.
means that the internal number 2 was
assigned to the handset.
Please note:
If six handsets are already registered to the
base station, there are two options:
– The handset with the internal number 6 is
in idle status: the handset you wish to reg-
ister is assigned the number 6. The handset
that was previously number 6 is de-regis-
– The handset with the internal number 6 is
being used: the handset you wish to regis-
ter cannot be registered.
Using several handsets
1. If not,

on the handset.

. The
Base 1
and flashes.
2. This


Table of Contents

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