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PBX 308
System Administration Guide


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    Model PBX 308 System Administration Guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Installation Hints Wall Mounting System Programming System Password Changing the Password IMPORTANT – Exchange Lines 1 Exchange Line connected: 2 Exchange Lines connected: 3 Exchange Lines connected: Assign Incoming calls to ring Nominated Extensions Example 1: To assign all incoming calls on line 1 to ring Extensions 202, 206 and 207 Example 2: To assign all Incoming calls on line 3 to extensions 205 and 206 To assign an Extension to use only a specific Exchange Line for Outgoing Calls...

  • Page 3

    Call Barring / Call Restrictions Example – To program 999, 911,112, 01 & 02 numbers into Group 0 To assign ALL extensions to the allowed call types only in Group 0 Internal Call Only – Group 6 Call Barring – Groups 1 to 5 Assigning Call Barring Groups to Extensions Change extension numbers Administrators Personal Pin Number to Override Internal Calls Only...

  • Page 4: Wall Mounting

    Thank you for choosing the Orchid Telecom PBX 308. Please take time to read through this Administration guide to get the most from your new purchase. • Ensure power On/Off switch located on the left hand side of the PBX is switched to On.

  • Page 5: System Password

    All programming is done on Extension 201 ONLY. NOTE: If Programming is done successfully you will hear a Beep, if unsuccessful you will hear a Series of Beeps. System Password The factory default password is: * 0 1 (1234) # Changing the Password Off Hook Dial: Current Password * 0 1 1234 #...

  • Page 6: Exchange Line Connected

    The PBX 308 is configured at the factory for 3 Exchange Lines to be connected. If you only have 1 or 2 lines connected it is important that the system is set-up as follows: 1 Exchange Line connected: Off Hook...

  • Page 7

    This is a useful feature for spreading the incoming call load over certain extensions or a specific line direct to a specific extension. Useful if you are sharing the PBX with another company. IMPORTANT: The factory set default is to ring Extensions 201 – 204 only. How to assign the lines to ring specific extensions is best explained by the following 2 examples: Example 1: - To assign all incoming calls on line 1 to ring Extensions 202, 206 and 207: Off Hook...

  • Page 8

    A useful feature if you want to keep lines 1 and 2 free for incoming calls or other priority Extensions for outgoing calls. This does not restrict other extensions from using the same outside line. Example: To restrict extension 208 to use exchange line 3 only. Off Hook Dial: Password * 42 On Hook...

  • Page 9

    As currently configured all extensions must Dial 9 for a line (Factory Default Setting). Extensions that make a lot of outgoing calls and a few internal calls (Telesales for example) can be changed to Direct Dial Extensions, whereby as soon as they go off hook they immediately get an outside line (if one is free).

  • Page 10

    Ext 201 Ext 201 The Orchid PBX 308 has a flexible Call Restriction Feature. Allowing extensions to call only essential numbers thereby keeping call costs to a minimum. Call Restrictions of a varying degree can apply to any or all extensions.

  • Page 11: Example - To Program 999, 911,112, 01 & 02 Numbers Into Group 0

    To allow ALL extensions to only dial certain call types, the allowed call types must be programmed in Group 0. For example you may want all extensions to only call local and National numbers (01 & 02) and emergency numbers. NB: 999, 112 &...

  • Page 12: Internal Call Only - Group 6

    Internal Call Only – Group 6 To restrict an extension(s) to internal calls only, no outgoing calls. Off Hook Dial: Password * 56 On Hook Ext 201 Extension Ext 201 NB: Internal Calls only extensions CANNOT make calls to the Emergency Services. Call Barring –...

  • Page 13: Assigning Call Barring Groups To Extensions

    Example 2: Programming Non Geographic numbers 0845 and 0870 into group 5 Off Hook Dial: Password * 5 0845 # 0870 # On Hook Ext 201 Code Group Barred Ext 201 Assigning Call Barring Groups to Extensions Example 1. To assign Call Barring Group 5 to Extension 206 Off Hook Dial: Password * 56 On Hook 201...

  • Page 14: Change Extension Numbers

    Extensions are numbered 201 -208 but you can change Extension numbers to suit. It could be your previous PBX Extensions were numbered 101 - 108 or some other 3 digit number range. To change Extension number(s) Example to change Ext 207 and 208 to Ext 100 and 200 respectively: Off Hook Dial: Password * 7 207 100 # * 7 208 200 # On Hook...

  • Page 15

    Phone is pressed. The Reception Phone or Door Phone should be connected to the Door Bell socket located on the rear of the PBX 308. NOTE: Do not connect powered Door-Phones into the Doorbell socket situated on the rear panel, as this will damage the PBX.

  • Page 16

    Any Ext Any Ext The PBX 308 has an intermittent comfort tone which the caller hears while the call is being transferred. However we recommend you make use of the external Music On Hold Port, located on the rear of the unit. This will provide more variety of music and a more professional image. A standard CD player, fixed or portable, can be connected to this port using a Mono Audio Cable with 3.5mm plugs connected at both ends.

  • Page 17

    All lines or individual lines can be programmed for Auto Attendant Mode (AA). In AA mode the PBX308 answers incoming callers and they will hear your personalised Outgoing Message (OGM). During the OGM you can instruct the callers to Dial any extension or 0 for the operator, the Operator Extension is 202 by default, but this can be changed to any Extension of your choice.

  • Page 18

    OGM if Extension is unanswered after 25 seconds. You can record a messaging informing the Caller to Dial 0 for the operator because the Extension is not answering. To record the Unanswered OGM, Max 7 seconds: A suggested message is as follows "I am sorry, the Extension you require is not answering, please Dial 0 for the operator"...

  • Page 19

    To program Operator 2 Off Hook Dial: Password * 26 (Ext number) # On Hook Ext 201 Ext 201 To assign all Lines for Auto Attendant Off Hook Dial: Password * 2 0 # On Hook Ext 201 Ext 201 To assign a Line for Auto Attendant Example –...

  • Page 20

    BT or Cable Select (Star) Services Select Services (Also known as Star Services) such as Call Divert, 3 way Calling etc, can only be set up on extensions that are in “Dial 9 for a Line” mode. They cannot be set up on extensions which have been programmed for “Direct Dial”...

  • Page 21

    The factory default settings are as follows: • All Extensions are Dial 9 For a Line. • Extension 201 to 204 ONLY ring on incoming calls • Call restrictions removed on all extensions • Auto Attendant (DISA) removed. To Reset the System to Factory Default settings Off Hook Dial: Password * 6000...

  • Page 22

    5 of the Admin Guide for instructions to make other extensions ring on incoming calls. • Check to ensure that the phone is NOT 4 wire, if it is, you will need to use Orchid Easy Install Adaptors or if the phone is plugged in to a secondary socket you will need to replace the secondary socket for a master socket.

  • Page 23

    • If extension 201 is in Direct Dial Mode, the password needs to be entered as * * 01 1234 #. Contact Orchid for more assistance You can email us at the following address with any further enquiries regarding the Orchid PBX Range.

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