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Motorola SCOUTTRAINER100 User Manual: Determine The Training Level For Your Dog; When To Increase Level Of Static Correction

Deluxe remote training system.
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level of correction.
indicates that the current level of correction is 8.
3. The Indicator LED on the Pet Collar Unit flashes alternately in green and red
when delivering static correction.
The maximum duration you can press the STATIC CORRECTION KEY
to deliver static correction to your dog continuously is 60 seconds. This is
followed by a 30 seconds "rest" period. You can press the STATIC

Determine the TRAINING LEVEL for your dog

TRAINING LEVEL is the level you use to discourage your dog's behavior, such as
getting on the couch, towards a more acceptable behavior, such as lying on the
With the Pet Collar Unit properly fitted on your dog and powered on, start on
level 1. This level is extremely low and most dogs will feel very little, if anything
at all. The number beside
Static Correction Level.
1. Press and hold the STATIC CORRECTION KEY
Control Unit.
2. Look for signs that your dog is feeling the static correction, such as ears
twitching, looking up or down or a quick shake of the head.
3. If nothing happens, press
4. When you see that your dog is feeling the static correction, this is your
When to Increase Level of Static Correction
When you are trying to change your dog's behavior around a heavy distraction
where your dog is too excited to feel the TRAINING LEVEL described above,
such as jumping on a visitor at the door, you will need to increase the correction
level 2 or 3 levels higher than the TRAINING LEVEL. If the TRAINING LEVEL you
established was level 3, then you will need to increase it to level 5 to have your
Training Your Dog with the Deluxe Remote Training System
again after the "rest" period.
on your Remote Control Unit indicates the current
to go to level 2 and try again.
on the Remote


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