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Drilling In Metal; Maintenance - Black & Decker BDCI202 Instruction Manual

20v max cordless impact driver
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Use a cutting lubricant when drilling metals. The exceptions are cast iron and brass which
should be drilled dry. The cutting lubricants that work best are sulfurized cutting oil or lard oil.
Use carbide tipped masonry bits. Refer to Drilling section. Keep even force on the drill but
not so much that you crack the brittle material. A smooth, even flow of dust indicates the
proper drilling rate.


Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean the tool. Never let any liquid get inside the tool;
never immerse any part of the tool into a liquid.
IMPORTANT: To assure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance and
adjustment (other than those listed in this manual) should be performed by authorized
service centers or other qualified service personnel, always using identical replacement parts.
• Unit will not start.
• Battery pack will not
• Unit shuts off abruptly.
For assistance with your product, visit our website for the
location of the service center nearest you or call the BLACK & DECKER help line at
Recommended accessories for use with your tool are available from your local dealer or
authorized service center. If you need assistance regarding accessories, please call:
The use of any accessory not recommended for use with this tool could be
The RBRC™ Seal
The RBRC™ (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) Seal on the
lithium-ion battery (or battery pack) indicates that the costs to recycle the
battery (or battery pack) at the end of its useful life have already been paid by
Black & Decker. In some areas, it is illegal to place spent lithium-ion batteries
in the trash or municipal solid waste stream and the RBRC program provides an
environmentally conscious alternative.
RBRC in cooperation with Black & Decker and other battery users, has established
programs in the United States and Canada to facilitate the collection of spent lithium-ion
batteries. Help protect our environment and conserve natural resources by returning the
tool to an authorized Black & Decker service center for recycling. You may also contact
your local recycling center for information on where to drop off the spent battery, or cal
Possible Cause
• Battery pack not installed
• Battery pack not charged.
• Battery pack not inserted into
• Charger not plugged in.
• Surrounding air temperature
too hot or too cold.
• Battery pack has reached its
maximum thermal limit.
• Out of charge. ( To
maximize the life of the
battery pack it is designed
to shutoff abruptly when
the charge is depleted.)
• Check battery pack
• Check battery pack charging
• Insert battery pack into
charger until green LED appears.
• Plug charger into a working
outlet. Refer to "Important Charging
Notes" for more details.
• Move charger and battery
pack to a surrounding air temperature of
above 40 degrees F (4.5°C) or below
105 degrees F (+40.5°C).
•Allow battery pack to cool
• Place on charger and
allow to charge.
Possible Solution

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Table of Contents

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