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Technical Data - Canon Canonet G-III17 Manual

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Technical Data

Type: 35mm lens shutter type camera with
Electric Eye.
Picture Size: 24mm X 36mm
Lens: Canon Lens 40mm f/1.7. 6-element 4-
group construction, with four newly
designed glasses. Spectra coated in am-
ber and purple.
range-finder, bright frame with auto-
matic parallax correction, aperture scale,
exposure indicator and over/under ex-
posure indicator and over/underexposure
warning marks.
EE Mechanism: Built-in exposure meter
with CdS cell for fully automatic expo-
sure control. Shutter speed priority
system. ASA 25 to 800 (DIN 15 to 30).
With ASA 100 film, EV 3.5 (f/1.7 at 1/4
Powered by one 1.35V M 20 (#625)
mercury battery. Battery checker built-
Manual Control of Aperture: Possible at any
desired f/stop by releasing EE mecha-
Shutter: Between-the-shutter. Shutter speeds
from 1/4 to 1/500 sec. and B. Auto-
matically sets aperture, self-cocking com-
bined film/shutter wind, self-timer, X-
Flash Contact: Accessory shoe with direct
contact exclusive for Canolite D and the
flash socket for the other flash units.
2 5
(f/16 at
1/500 sec).
Canolite D: Exclusive electronic flash unit
designed for the Canonet G-HI 17 with
direct contact for cordless type. When
performing flash photography, it is not
necessary to worry about guide numbers
or to calculate f/stops. Automatic setting
of proper f/stop is possible as the Et
circuit is coupled to the shooting distance.
Canolite D is powered by two 1.5V
alkaline AA batteries.
Units: Aperture openings coupled to
shooting distance at guide numbers 14,
20, 28 (m) with ASA 100. Shutter
button is locked when it is outside the
coupling range.
Film Loading: Canon-developed QL (Quick
Loading) mechanism. Accepts any stand-
ard 35mm film in cartridge.
Film Advance: Single-stroke 127°. Film
transport indicator and film indicator are
Frame Counter: Resets automatically.
Size: 120X75X60mm (4-3/4"X3"X2-3/8")
Weight: 620 grams (1 Ib. 5-7/8 ozs.).
Subject to change without notice
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