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Arranging Crockery, Glasses, Etc. In The Dishwasher; Pots And Pans; Loading The Dishwasher; Removing The Dishes - Siemens Dishwahser Instructions For Use Manual


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Arranging crockery, glasses,
etc. in the dishwasher

Loading the dishwasher

Remove fairly large food remnants, e.g.
pieces of bone and fruit stones, from the
It is not necessary to rinse the dishes
under running water.
Place objects in the dishwasher in such a
way that
items such as cups, glasses, pots/pans,
etc. are stood upside down,
curved items, or those with recesses,
should be at a slant so that water can
run off,
they are stacked securely and cannot
tip over,
they do not prevent the spray arms from
rotating while washing takes place.
Very small items should not be washed in
the dishwasher as they could easily fall out
of the baskets.

Removing the dishes

To prevent water dripping from the top
basket onto the dishes in the lower basket,
we recommend that you empty the lower
basket first and then the top basket.

Cups and glasses

Upper basket
on applicable models

Pots and pans

Lower basket
Cutlery should be placed in the
dishwasher always unsorted and with the
eating surface pointing downwards. The
spray jet is then better able to reach the
individual parts.
To prevent injuries, place long, pointed
accessories and knives on the étagère
(some models) or on the knife shelf
(available as an accessory).

Folding spikes *

* on applicable models
To improve stacking of pots and pans, the
spikes can be folded down.

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