Troubleshooting; Protect The Environment; Technical Data - Black & Decker ASI200 Instruction Manual

Tire inflator
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satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care
and regular cleaning.
Before performing any maintenance on
corded/cordless power tools:
Switch off and unplug the appliance/tool.
Or switch off and remove the battery from
the appliance/ tool if the appliance/tool has a
separate battery pack.
Or run the battery down completely if it is
integral and then switch off.
Unplug the charger before cleaning it. Your
charger does not require any maintenance apart
from regular cleaning.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your appliance/
tool/ charger using a soft brush or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
Regularly open the valve adaptor and tap it to remove
any dust from the interior.


Inflator will
12 Volt adaptor
not operate
not connected
socket not live
No preset
valve set
The fuse in the
12 Volt adaptor
is blown
Cord or switch is
Replacing the fuse in the vehicle dc
accessory plug
Remove the cap by turning it counter-clockwise.
Loosen the cap and centre pin.
Remove the fuse.
Fit a new fuse of the same type and size
Connect the 12 Volt
Turn key to accessory
Set preset value
Replace the fuse with
one of the same size
and type (8A/250V)
Have the cord or
switch replaced at a
Black & Decker
Service Centre or
Service Centre.
Refit the cap and centre pin.
Tighten the cap by turning clockwise onto the

Protect the environment

Separate collection. This product must no be
disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, do not dispose of it with household waste.
Make this product available for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and
packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps
prevent environmental pollution and reduces
the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection
of electrical products from the household, at
municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you
purchase a new product.
At the end of their useful life, discard batteries
with due care for our environment:
Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.
Do not dispose of the battery(s) in a fire as this may
result in a risk of personal injury or an explosion.
Run the battery down completely, then remove it from
the tool.
Batteries are recyclable. Place the battery(s) in a
suitable packaging to ensure that the terminals cannot
be short-circuited. Take them to any authorised repair
agent or a local recycling station.

Technical Data

Input voltage
Input current
Pressure (max) psi / bar
Vdc 12
A 8
120 / 8.27
kg 1.12



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