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General Safety Precautions; Scope Of Delivery - Siemens 2GF1192-8CA Installation Manual

Ccda1425-vrh vandal-resistant dome outdoor housing
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Target group
This installation guide is only intended for use
by installers who have an adequate working
knowledge of video systems!

General safety precautions

This guide outlines the most important
information about the housing. It is, however,
vital that you also refer to the full operating

Scope of delivery

Outdoor housing
Safety screwdriver
Gland with two-entry rubber
Additional one-entry & four-entry rubbers
Y cable
Sealed pins
Installing dome in housing
A) Without PG gland
Wall mount including junction box
1. Attach the video cable (11) (included with
the dome housing) to the video connector
on the dome base (1).
2. Connect the communication cables (13)
directly to the appropriate terminals
(indicated by colour) on the dome base
(see Fig. D).
3. Connect the power-in cables (12) directly
to the termination of power on the dome
base (see Fig. D).
4. Tighten the fixing screw to fix the speed
dome base into the housing (see Fig. A
magnifying picture).
Issued by
Siemens Building Technologies
Fire & Security Products GmbH & Co. oHG
D-76181 Karlsruhe
Document no.
5. Connect the support wire (3) to the hook
(2) of the dome base (see Fig. A).
6. To lock the dome drive (4) to the dome
base, line up the notch with the label and
turn to the right with both hands
(see Fig. B).
7. Holding the dome casing (6) to maintain
the matched position, tighten the 3
screws (7) with a screwdriver (8) and lock
the dome cover to the unit housing (9)
(see Fig. C).
8. The installation is now completed.
B) With PG gland
Simple wall and pendant mount
1. Separate the sealing nut & two-entry
rubber from the outdoor housing (Fig. G),
and then take out the speed dome cables
(see Fig. D: 10, 11, 12, 13) from the
outdoor housing.
2. Connect the Y cable (the ends with
contact shoes) to the power terminal; the
other end is for the heater connector (see
Fig. F).
3. Replace the two-entry rubber with the
four-entry/one-entry rubber based on the
wiring (see Fig. G).
We recommend to use a PG gland for all
kinds of mounts to ensure improved IP66 of
the housing.
Connect the lines from the field to the power
terminal, BNC connector, Alarm IN/Out &
Data at the dome, pulling the cable through
the one-/four-entry rubber.
1. Ensure that the safety wire (located in the dome base) is engaged.
2. Align notch with "OPEN" arrow and turn dome until notch meets arrow in "LOCKED" position.
3. When using outdoor housing, ensure that safety-wire of dome housing is always fixed firmly to the
mount to prevent unit from falling down.
4. Check assembly by pulling. Assembly should not come apart.
For more detailed information please refer to the Instruction Manual for ¼" Speed Dome Cameras.
Nähere Informationen hierzu finden Sie im Installationshandbuch für ¼" Speed Dome Cameras.
Veuillez consultez le guide d'opération des cameras ¼" Speed Dome pour d'information plus détaillée.
Uitgebreide Informatie find u in het instruktie handboek voor ¼ Speed Dome Kameras.
Per maggiori dettagli si rimanda al manuale specifico di istruzione della telecamera Speed Dome ¼".
Więcej informacji zawiera instrukcja obsługi zintegrowanej kamery szybkoobrotowej ¼".
För ytterligare information hänvisas till installationsmanualen för ¼" Speed Dome Cameras.
Por favor, para una información más detallada, consulte con el manual de instrucciones de los domos
de alta velocidad de ¼".
Ou uma informação mais detalhada consulta por favor ao Manual do utilizador Câmaras de Tecto de
Alta Velocidade ¼ polegada.
Pro podrobnější informace se prosím podívejte do návodu pro obsluhu ¼" Speed Dome kamery.
4. Screw on the sealing nut.
5. Make sure that the gland is fixed properly
to keep humidity out of the housing and
ensure IP66.
Operation and storage
Do not operate or store the unit :
At extremely hot or cold places.
Close to sources of strong magnetism.
Close to sources of powerful
electromagnetic radiation such as radios
or TV transmitters.
Where exposed to mechanical vibrations.
Close to fluorescent lamps or objects
reflecting light.
Under unstable or flickering light sources.
Technical data
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Heater switch temperature
Input voltage
Power consumption
Protection type
Bubble impact resistance
Siemens Building Technologies AG
Data and design subject to change without notice.
Supply subject to availability.
Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany
on environment-friendly chlorine-free paper.
345 mm
240 mm
4.0 kg (max.)
-30 – +50 °C
-40 – +60 °C
0 – 90%
On: +4 °C
Off: +16 °C
24 VA
24 V AC
26 VA
housing only
800 kg
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