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Trouble Shooting - Samsung SDP-6500 User Manual

High resolution digital presenter
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Trouble shooting

No image appears
- Check if the resolution of the output device corresponds to that of the digital presenter.
(For example, when the maximum resolution of a projector is SVGA and if the digital
presenter is set to XGA or SXGA, then no image appears.)
- Check if the input selection of the output device is appropriate.
- Check if the iris control is adequate.
- Check if the VGA cable is connected to the VGA output terminal correctly.
- Check if there is any problem with the fuse.
- Check if the lens cap is removed.
No communication between the PC and USB.
- Make sure the operating system is Windows 98 or later. It doesn't work on Windows 95.
- For other detailed information, please refer to the program manual supplied with the product.
No image from a slide film or a negative film.
- Check if the light box is turned on.
- Adjust the lens to face the film directly.
- Check if the NEGA/POSI button is selected properly.
remote controller is not working.
- Check the battery of the remote controller.
Replace it with a new one.
The image is out of focus.
- Check if the adaptor lens is attached properly for the purpose. (See page 21.)
- Check if the distance from the object is too short.
When you use GUI, the
mouse is not seen or does
not work normally.
- Check the contact condition of mouse
port and make sure it's mouse offered by
Samsung Techwin.
(It may not work if it's not mouse offered by Samsung Techwin.)
If there are problems,
please contact the store
you purchased the
product or our distributor
nearest you.


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