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Load The Dryer - Whirlpool HybridCare WED99HEDW Use & Care Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Load the dryer

Open the door by pulling on the handle. Place laundry in
the dryer. Add a dryer sheet to wet load, if desired. Close
the door.
IMPORTANT: Do not tightly pack the dryer. Items need
to tumble freely. Tightly packing can lead to poor drying
performance and may increase wrinkling and tangling.
Touch POWER to turn on the dryer.
Select the desired cycle
Select the desired cycle for your load. See the "Cycle Guide"
for more information about each cycle.
Adjust cycle settings, if desired
You may adjust different settings, depending on whether you
have selected an Automatic Cycle or Timed Dry Cycle. See the
"Cycle Guide" for detailed information.
NOTE: Not all options and settings are available with all cycles.
Automatic Cycles:
You can select a different dryness level, depending on your
load. Touch DRYNESS LEVEL to scroll to More, Normal, or
Less. Selecting More, Normal, or Less automatically adjusts
the dryness level at which the dryer will shut off. Once a
dryness level is set, it cannot be changed without stopping
the cycle.
Automatic Cycles give the best drying in the shortest time.
Drying time varies based on fabric type, load size, and
dryness setting. Drying time is estimated and may change
throughout the cycle. Drying time cannot be changed on
Automatic Cycles.
NOTE: Automatic Cycles use a preset temperature that is
not adjustable.
Timed Dry Cycles:
When you select a Timed Dry Cycle, the time
appears in the display. Touch + and – to
increase or decrease the time in 1 minute
increments. Touch and hold to change the
time in 5 minute increments.
The temperature may be changed by
pressing Temp until the desired dry
temperature is lit. Once a cycle has started, the temperature
can be changed. Cycle time is estimated and may change
throughout the cycle.
Select HybridCare™ Energy options
The display will show the HybridCare™ Energy Options
for all cycles. To adjust an option, touch its name – Speed,
Balanced, or Eco.

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Table of Contents

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