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hp LaserJet 1220
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    LaserJet 1220 print copy scan • •...

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    所使用的屏蔽接口电缆必须符合 FCC 规则第 15 部分的 B 级限制。 Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician. 有关详细的规则信息,请参阅 HP LaserJet 1220 电子用户指南。 Any changes or modifications to the printer that are not expressly approved by HP could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. 保修 保修 保修...

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    Review package contents. Make sure all parts are included. 6) Getting Started Guide. 7) Software and electronic user guide on two (2) 1) HP LaserJet 1200 series printer. 2) Copier/scanner. 3) Copier/scanner CD-ROMs. 8) Power cord. 9) Printer media input tray. 10) Printer priority media input tray.

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    Assembly/  Open the toner door. Pull the sides of the door forward until the door Remove the left side panel. 1) Grasp the left side panel using the finger locks in its open position. Leave the door open until step 10. hole.

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    Connect USB or parallel cable to printer. The printer includes USB Remove the scanner access cover from the left side panel. Pick up the and parallel ports. Connect one cable to the proper port and run the cable left side panel and remove the scanner access cover (1) from the inside of through the cable slot.

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    Install the toner cartridge. Insert the cartridge into the printer, making Close the toner door. The toner cartridge engages when the door is sure that the toner cartridge is in position. closed. Install the copier/scanner trays. 1) Insert the copier/scanner media Install the printer trays.

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    Windows (step 17) or CD #2 for Macintosh (step 18). Make sure to select step 23 (Troubleshooting the copier). the correct model number during installation (hp 1220 for printer with copier/scanner; hp 1200 for printer only).  1  Windows  17 2  Macintosh  18  HP 1220  /  !"...

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    Installing on Macintosh (USB). 1) Connect the I/O cable to the 6) When the installation is complete, click Restart. 7) When the computer computer. 2) Insert CD #2. 3) Double-click the HP All-in-One Installer. restarts, follow the onscreen instructions for the HP All-in-One Setup 4) Select a language.

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    ! HP LaserJet No lights are on. Congratulations! Your HP LaserJet 1220 product is ready to use. If you Troubleshooting the printer. 1) If no lights are on, check the power cord, had any problems, refer to the electronic user guide for troubleshooting and then press the Go button.

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    DIMM, if necessary. 4) If all lights are on, unplug the printer, wait or check for media jams. 5 minutes, plug it back in, and retry. If errors still exist, call HP Customer Support. 12 3...

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    Plug & Play/  Installing on Windows 98 and Millennium (USB). 1) Connect the I/O 4) Select Search for the best driver for your device (recommended), cable to the computer. 2) Reboot the computer. 3) In the Add New and click Next. 5) Select Specify a location, and type x:\98Me_USB\ Hardware wizard, click Next.

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    Installing on Windows 9X and Millennium (Parallel). 1) Connect the I/O 4) Select Search for the best driver for your device (recommended), cable to the computer. 2) Reboot the computer. 3) When the Installation and click Next. 5) Select Specify a location, then type x:\9xMe_LPT\ wizard appears, click Next.

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    5) Select Specify a location. 6) Under Copy manufacturer’s files from, type x:\2000\ (where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive), and click OK. 7) Click Next. 8) Follow the instructions on your screen. x  x:\2000\ CD-ROM  ...

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    2002 Hewlett-Packard Co. *C7045-90921* *C7045-90921* C7045-90921...

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